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The Official Website of Alex Poucher.

Check back soon for a list of all my professional work including links to various news articles I am featured in, all 1000+ videos I have filmed in over 30 countries around the world and more!

I am also now in the process of writing my first book!

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In the News

Some of the times I have been featured in the news.

News2Share - Anonymous Sits Down with KKK Leader (Video has 1,000,000 views)
News2Share - Turkish Police, Protesters Descend into Violence
RT - #OpParis: Anonymous takes down 5,500 ISIS Twitter accounts
RT - Anonymous activist deconstructs ODNI report on ‘Russia hackers’
VICE - Masked Protesters Clashed with Riot Police on the Austrian-Italian Border
BBC - Fill me in: The Cologne protests
Yahoo! - Canada - FBI probing 'Anonymous' hack on Cleveland's website
The Washington Examiner - Anonymous says it stopped terror plot in Italy
The Washington Examiner - Hacker group waging cyber war on ISIS
CBS - DC - Anonymous says it's war against ISIS is working
The Daily Dot - Anonymous activist faces 3 years in jail for protesting in Ferguson
Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Sixth anniversary of Michael Brown shooting brings more violence to Ferguson
Sputnik News - Brazil - Anonymous promete encontrar culpados pela queda do A321 no Egito
Sputnik News - Europe - Pegida Leader Faces Trial for Allegedly Calling Refugees 'Scumbags'
Sputnik News - World - Anonymous Vows to Find Those Responsible for Russia’s A321 Crash in Egypt

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Here's a little about what I'm up to.

I have obtained a literary agent and working on my first book!

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