‘Acid attacks have occurred in the UK for 200 years’


After a spate of recent acid attacks in the United Kingdom, British politicians are set to debate regulations around selling corrosive substances.

Alex Poucher

‘Acid attacks have occurred in the UK for 200 years’

As MPs debate laws over acid sales following a rise in attacks, Jaf Shah explains the UK’s history of such violence.

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  1. If this same thing would have done by any Mslim.. till now the western countries media and their people.. without any delay would have label this is as terrorism..blaming whole community including religion …but now it’s commuted by westerners non Mslims.. so it’s just a crime..like these westerners defend their fellow bush blair … killing million of innocent..destroying their country as just a mistake

  2. This has nothing to do with terrorism but hate , hate comes in many shades white , black , brown , yellow etc … How many innocent people will have to suffer until something is done to prevent these cowardly attacks from happening!!

  3. Let’s see the numbers compared to other countries… Not saying it’s terrible and doesn’t need to be stopped ASAP. Just saying, I doubt it’s this huge problem in the UK as Al Jazeera paints it up to be… (As usual.)

  4. It is very horrific. These harmful liquids can no longer be allowed to sell in public so easily. New arrangements should immediately be done regarding the selling of such these harmful things like acid etc. in every country of the world for not seeing similar events.

  5. Personally i am.against the death penalty.. but for acid attacks.. I’m prepared to have it brought back. There are no mitigating circumstances for such inhuman acts of bastardry. Only a person with mo scintilla of humanity would do it and therefore they deserve no charity from society. BRING NACK THE DEATH PENALTY FOR ACID ATTACKS.


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