“All options on the table” after North Korea fires missile over Japan


North Korea’s latest ballistic missile flew over Japan and landed in the Pacific Ocean. RT America’s Ashlee Banks reports on the response.

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  1. When you're in a little surrounded shit hole country any missile you shoot is gonna fly over somebody. The US for example could shoot missiles off their East or West Coast and travel halfway around the world without encountering anyone.

  2. These idiot thug dictators say and do insane stupid shit, like atheists, evolutionists and religious nuts, and they wonder why the civilized, somewhat peace seeking nations, belly-laugh at them and want to beat them until bone comes out in their stool?

  3. Where is all this fury donald said he was going to unleash like the word has ever seen? NOW, can we stop believing him when he says believe me. All lies. Don't believe a word from his mouth

  4. They have been carrying out these reckless joint military exercises for years and the only thing it has achieved is inflame the situation.They have tried economic sanctions for years but that too has failed. I am beginning to think that North Korea is more rational than the USA. Which is better: to swallow ones ego and talk to North Korea or to risk the death of tens of million US citizens from a North Korean nuclear strike.

  5. Do Americans realize that they are regarded as a Satanic shithole ruled by a bunch of Banksters from Tel Aviv that needs to be wiped out from  Planet earth for 99 % of the world population ?
    the wake up is going to be tough in any case

  6. lol wern't all options on the table a couple of weeks ago, and then a couple weeks before that. Nikki hailey is a cunt. a great big lying cunt. A traitor to her nation.


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