American McGee says the fate of the Alice franchise is completely in EA’s hands


So stop asking

American McGee is frustrated. He’s powerless to create another Alice game even though he wants to. Making matters worse, the impassioned fans of the series are relentless in their questioning about when they’ll get another sequel — again, something McGee wants to do but can’t.

In a “Get it all off my chest” kind of post over the weekend, McGee explains that EA is completely in control over what happens with the Alice franchise. He has no authority or influence to take any steps to get another game greenlit. “EA [is] aware that you’d like a new Alice game and that RJ Berg and I would be happy to assist in the design, writing, and development of such. We simply need to wait until EA think[s] the time is right for a new game,” he says.

But, the purpose of this PSA was designed to be less focused on EA’s role and more about asking people to cool it with the questions. McGee is powerless to make anything happen and it seems that the heaps of inquiries have led to nothing but mounting frustrations. 

Where Is Alice 3? — Will There Be An Alice 3? — New Alice? — Alice Sequel? [American McGee’s Blog]

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