‘American republic is essentially doomed’ – Barrett Brown


Journalist and activist Barrett Brown has created a collaborative investigation and civic platform, “Pursuance System,” with the aim of challenging “the nation-state system we have inherited” and changing institutions from the outside. He joins RT America’s Natasha Sweatte to discuss what he hopes to accomplish.

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  1. You mean globalist surveillance…

    You all seem to forget that globalists have been in control of the US for at least 25 years.

    Trump has been in power for less than 9 months.

    Stop trying to infer that Trump is at the bottom of this or to blame.

    Wiki leaks and Annonymous are working against the globalists. They do not want global government.

    Russia rejected globalism – which is why Russia is now debt free.

    Nations can work together. But they do not need to be absorbed into one giant centralized organization – which is what globalists want.

    The US population has already been 'normalized' to public surveillance – what the hell do you think the 'Big Brother' tv show was all about?

    The Globalist controlled entertainment Industry has been normalizing us to the abnormal for decades.

    Under Trump we have the chance to get out from under it.

  2. Most of our leaders are too focused on money and protecting themselves. They don't give a f**k about our nation or it's people. D+ infrastructure rating…that's borderline failing. Countries that are "number one" don't have failing grades.

  3. Wow just cut the people off like that! Go away then and leave the U.S. alone!! What your waiting for the fall?? RT, stop the fear shit losers!! You do good until this type of shit for news you have no clue on even with the paper work showing it, it means nothing! Same news different time always the same shit to feed the mass of brainless lol You guys get news from all around the world and wide up doing the same shit as the rest lol We the people will not let this happen and you will see how that works in the end!! Then things will change for the right reasons

  4. DOomed? We elected President Trump to stop the globalism the last several presidents had headed us toward. We are the United States. We need to look out for what is best for the United States. Not Bangladesh, or any other country.

    Real Americans took our country back from globalist elite!  We wanted our jobs and our nation back!  Our healthcare was too expensive. Mine is $700/month now (thanks to Obamacare). My car insurance is still $25 per month (from Insurance Panda), but what are the Democrats plans for that? If you look at Democrat strongholds like Detroit and New Orleans, car insurance will run you $300+ per month!

    This is why polls show Putin is a better president than Obama. Putin puts his country first, while Obama put all but the US first. Make America Great Again!


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