Are Roma to blame for Europe’s rejection of refugees?


“The prejudice Roma have suffered for centuries is a mirror held up to European societies.”

– Andrzej Mirga

Alex Poucher

Are Roma to blame for Europe’s rejection of refugees?

The failed integration of Roma is not the reason why Europeans fear refugees, racism is.

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  1. I don’t live in Rome anymore, but they used to get a LOT of hate there when I was younger, including from my own peers and family (and we were immigrants ourselves), due to certain incidences. I don’t think they’re to blame though, people would hate on refugees regardless simply for looking or speaking different.

  2. Roma lifestyle is not compatible with any civilised society because they consider working with land filthy and they don’t have respect for others’ possessions, and they still have a caste system and slaves. They have rights and opportunities to live like normal citizens and many of them have done so. Camping on private land without permission then claiming it, building on foreign land, thefts, begging, paedophilia and other repulsive cultural practices affiliated with the Roma are a choice.

  3. Majority of their teens, usually boys and sometimes girls too are a bunch of trouble making, thieving and disrespectful bunch I’ve ever had the unfortunate luck to run into. I’ve nearly been robbed twice by them, their curse at randomers on the street, busses etc. Just terrible tbh.

  4. Roma are European citizens, there are common travelers areas everywhere. Some towns reported shutting down common water supplies a few years ago, but likely it was the people beginging to flee NATO agression in the Middle East and Africa. If you kick and an ant hill over and over, they crall up your leg.

  5. The autor has no clue about the privileges of Gypsies in Bulgaria. They steal electricity, don’t pay tickets in public transport and mostly live on social benefits and don’t want to go to school. Bulgarians are pretty pissed off to pay taxes only to support them. Hard working Bulgarians can afford to have one or two kids while gypsies have many. Autor should take his article and stick it up his *ss.

  6. Wealthy Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi…they did nothing to stop the Butcher of Damascus from killing thousands of Syrian Arab Muslims. They even refused to open the gates to their fellow Arab refugees. Why?. Because Syrians are not Palestinians and they cannot blame Israel. Hypocrites.

  7. Put it this way, they are not helping. Selling The Big Issue in organised gangs, organised crime gangs, sleeping rough in huge groups and ruining the areas they do that in. No intention of working just coming for the benefits. I bet Eastern Europe has never been so content and could not believe its luck when the lot that are now in the UK left their Countries of origin.


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