Assad: Syria chemical attack ‘100 percent fabrication’


“They fabricated the whole story in order to have a pretext for the attack.”

Alex Poucher

Assad: Syria chemical attack ‘100 percent fabrication’

In first interview since deadly gas attack in Idlib, Syrian leader says US missile strike based on falsified evidence.

Click to view original posting on the Al Jazeera Facebook page.


  1. You have to pretty gullible to believe Assad would use them on civilians who pose no threat, but didn’t use them on the terrorists attacking him.
    Especially considering even if he wanted to kill civilians, he could have done it with conventional weapons and not given the excuse to attack him. Which by the way was why he surrendered his stockpiles in 2013.

  2. Syria will be Iraq 2.0. Its extremely rich in oil and natural gas resources. The US gov wants to bring ‘democracy’ to the land to open the door for US oil companies (just like what happened it Iraq). Look up Genie Energy and the members on the advisory board. Additionally, Trump has buddies in the oil industry too,..i.e., Rex Tillerson…etc. Most wars are fought over natural resources. #GolanHeights #DeborahsWell #Ness2DrillingSite #AfekOil #StolenLand

  3. I am looking for some feedback from people that live in or near Syria. What really happened? Was it Assad that did this, or a terrorist group? I don’t believe anything that our news says in the U.S. Btw, I’m an Independent, meaning I’m not a member of either political party.

  4. you don’t need to talk sir,I believe you if the world don’t cos they is absolute nothing he will gain in using chemical weapon on innocent people in an hospital despite he know they will be huge consequence from the west so why provoke them and even if he is to even use it,am sure they are rebels and isis there to use it on and not innocent civilians

  5. We know the pentagon has contracted people to make propaganda videos and other materials before. I am not saying that is what has happened here….but they could on the right mind be reason to challenge or questions. The authenticity of the claims or the source of the attack.

  6. If possible they could av fabricate the death of 18 people they claimed it was a mistake. That is America for u.

    If it assad that claim he mistakenly kill civilian, American will react with nuke

  7. in case you forgot: 1. The media was caught lying about chemical attack in Syria in 2013 2. A journalist was shot dead after she exposed on live tv that US gov’t is arming isis 3. Hillary approved about sending sarin gas to isis in 2012 to assassinate Assad 4. Putin proved that isis is funded by several G20 nations, how much more proof do you need that you are being lied about Syria ?

  8. Right! He’s protecting Syria and won’t let any Syrian refuges into the Country ?? Of course this is all nonsense.All involved need to get the war machine goings again,It is the basis of their economy.These evil leaders can not see a better way and care nothing for The People.

  9. Assad kills civilians..
    Rebel kills civilians…
    Russia kills civilians..
    USA kill civilians..

    Same victim,innocent people get killed,especially civilians… the differences,what weapon has been used to kill them?

  10. Assad is telling the truth. Why would he kill his own people when in reality the people of Syria see him as his only hope. Assad regime is not a piece of cake for the West. The West invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, disfigured Egypt and started civil war in Libya just to get there dirty hands on the wealth of these Muslim nation’s. Now they are doing filthy civil war in Syria by armoring there own trained terrorist. What a joke media is playing by hiding the facts. The media runs in the direction who fills it’s pocket the most…dirty power wealth game playing at the cost of innocent lives.

  11. I hate that Assad ever used chlorine and to me that discredits him but trump had stocks in the company that makes tomahocks and therefore just made a big amount of money using them
    For the pointless PR airstrike that is distracting the world from his ties with Russia and rigged election

  12. American are the worst hypocrite and evil country in the world.. They can go to an extent of killing innocent civilian in order to steal oil or any other mineral..they lied that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.Americans are capable of planting chemical weapon and put it on Assad..America are DEVIL!!

  13. You have to blammed part of pretext to be used for your country. You give a chance for them that you are insisting of rejecting any initiative for hope of peace by labeling your people oppositions as terriorists. You need to flexible in accepting reality of your nations. Unless you accept you are part of the problem, you can not save your nation future to fall apart.

  14. Whatever be it…but u provided them an opportunity to do so…and what about your killer ally russia who invited deserve the wreath of Almighty hereafter …son of bc

  15. Actually four , North Korea, China , Iran and Russia . Go figure!
    Syria is not oil rich or natural resource rich . There are more oil and natural gas in Canada and US for next 100 years not to mention other natural resources .
    All these resources are worth less if no demands for them.
    More than 500 000 people killed , millions lost their homes and now refugees. Who with F ing brain or conscious would for a moment think Asad is to remain.

  16. Just a question: If Assad had gained the upper hand (Russian air power, Russian support, Iranian support, fear of ISIS) then why would he use chemical weapons at this stage? He could kill his enemies with regular bombs and missiles without fear of anyone from a major power caring…Why use chemical weapons which would create a major PR problem and global condemnation?

  17. Taking United States reputation into account and the atrocities it conducted in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, this argument cannot be dismissed as invalid.
    Unfortunately, most of the West will laugh it off, because why believe any news that comes out of the middle east. It’s not like they are the center of conflict.


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