Australia to boost military’s power in ‘terror’ attacks


“Our enemies are agile and innovative. We have to stay ahead of them.”

Alex Poucher

Australia to boost military’s power in ‘terror’ attacks

Prime Minister Turnbull unveils proposed changes to laws in wake of recent attacks, including a deadly siege in Sydney.

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  1. As an Australian I have to say it once again comes down to bad polling. He has lost 40 odd polls in a row and is trying to “look tough”. Australian media is mostly talking about how he has abused the military by using them as political props.

  2. Australia is one of the most peaceful countries in the world..they need not to worry of terroror terrorism..not unless they want to make use of the open military weapon markets in Africa and the middle eastern coutries that have no governance…

  3. I will admit I do not know much about Australian politics. I don’t know why Aussie news in general is not covered more, especially for the UK audience. But, I do know, that Australia has one of the most secure borders on the planet. And I cannot remember seeing any news at all regarding any terror attacks perpetrated by Muslim extremists. I can only assume that the 2 things are mutually exclusive.

  4. For u people every Muslim is a terrorist. These labels are made by America, India and Israel is doing the job of copy pasting and Muslim countries are busy in wives and dollars. Masjids are locked and destroyed by civilised people and Muslim are labeled as terrorists. All these anti Muslims are working under one roof “Jews” …..I swear by Allah a single true Muslim is ability to destroy these Wild animals. The time is very near now when these wild animals are unable to save himself even in jungle or zoo.

  5. Most Australians think he and his party are a joke. He is so low in the voter polls he is trying on the old look at me, I am fighting all these terrorists for you. It can be a vote winner. But really Australia don’t even have a true terrorist problem, only the one his party wants to make up.


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