Bernie Vs. Trump Debate May Actually Happen


We here at TYT have been trying to host a debate between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. While the chances of the debate being hosted by The Young Turks appear low, the chances of it happening somewhere seem to be growing. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola (ThinkTank), hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Hillary Clinton has declined an invitation to debate Senator Bernie Sanders before the California primary election next month, but he may have found a willing replacement: Donald J. Trump.

The idea of a debate between the two men came up on Wednesday when Mr. Trump was appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and Mr. Kimmel said that Mr. Sanders had passed along an invitation to Mr. Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee. Mr. Trump, who opted out of a debate in Iowa in January and decided that he would no longer participate in primary debates after the Republican field narrowed to three candidates, said he would be open to debating Mr. Sanders if the proceeds were donated to charity, although there were conflicting reports about how serious he was.

“If I debated him we would have such high ratings and I think we should take that money and give it to some worthy charity,” Mr. Trump said. “If we paid a nice sum toward a charity, I would love to do that.”

Mr. Sanders, who faces a big delegate deficit against Mrs. Clinton, was quick to sign on.

“Game on,” he wrote in a post on Twitter. “I look forward to debating Donald Trump in California before the June 7 primary.” ”*

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola

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  1. 1:30 WTF he even mentioned the reason in the same sentence! He wants to get money, because the sole fact he is present will drive up the viewers to a huge number, therefor giving Bernie a lot of publicity.

  2. omg this lady lies more than Hillary clinton . Donald Trumps reality tv show celebrity apprentice was all about raising $ and giving it a to a charity and he is been a part of so many charity foundations , like the misinformation is strong with her. I cant even , i come here to see the other side of the picture but this girl lies so freaking much. Hell if cenk is not present i can just expect the show to be as objective as the bible.

  3. people seem to forget that TYT is like an online podcast/channel made up of group of liberal/progressive people. and they are open about this and dont pretend to be conservatives. You cant compare this kind of channel with the mainstream media like Cnn or FOX. There are a ton of online groups like this made up of republicans, conservatives, christians, communists even neonazis. of course they are going to have a certain view point and advocate it – thats the whole point of TYT. so stop your crying about biased TYT – they are open about their beliefs and political view points – if u dont like it dont watch it. its like a christian person coming to watch muslim based channel and trash talking – u look like an idiot. u just have different beliefs and need to get over it.

  4. Was it at Walter Mondale at whom Ronald Reagan used the phrase "youth and inexperience" that undermined the opposing candidate's argument that Reagan was too old? I can see Bernie using that phrase on Trump when, and I believe it is a when, Trump attacks Bernie for his age.

  5. So going to talk about Bernie Statement on linking Sandy Hook shooting to Video games? And ignoring the countless of studies done to disprove it all?

    I mean if Hillary was to link video games to Violence, she's wrong and evil, Bernie just did that…

  6. you know the real reason why Trump wants to debate Bernie?
    because he thinks Bernie is going to lose in the democratic primary anyways, so why not win over Bernie supporters by complimenting Bernie in some way, and stating that he has the same message that Bernie has, so come join me 'Bernie supporters', we will beat this 'crooked' Hillary by a landslide.

  7. Donald Trump doesn't have to attack Sanders, Sanders isn't going to get the nomination so he isn't a target. All Trump has to do is act nice to Sanders and get him to criticize Clinton with him.

  8. nothing to attack Bernie Sanders on? really tyt? Sanders passed 3 laws in his 25 years in the senate, two of which were renaming post offices. He has made a 6 figure salary for 25 years and has 300k total assets and is 60k in credit card debt. He was a welfare leach at a young age and has a son that refuses to speak with him..

  9. Ana's Presidential race analysis: Bernie is like totally better because he has like policies and stuff and Trump is an individual who is like literally a big meanie

  10. why donald trump want the money?? well dumb ass what make you think donald trump should debate bernie?? bernie is not a nominee in democrat primary yet, while trump already a nominee, so there's no reason donald trump shold debate, but if bernie insist to debate him than it so obvious bernie should pay for that debate

  11. If you ask CNN, there's no way Bernie wins. Either Bernie loses and Trump does just not win (they're smart enough to not start kissing his ass, because that is why people already like him), or Hillary wins right away because they both proof to be too "unpresidential" ;)

  12. Everything said in this video is just not true.

    Trump is not an idiot.
    Bernie would be lost in the attacks from Trump. Even when Bernie tries to attacked Clinton on her speeches, he is a 1 trick pony. Bernie is unable to think on his feet when it is not about policy.
    Trump raised 4.5 million for vets. People pledged 6 million but some of those people did not come through.

    Man, why do any of us listen to this crap?

  13. What most people dont realize at first, or at least on the surface, is that by Trump setting the terms like this he defacto wins the debate before it has even takes place. Thats why he set terms in the first place and by having it go to benefit women's health issues, its a stroke of sheer genius, the Art of the Deal is at work and in play. Bernie will be mangled, but even if for some strange reason he isnt, it only helps Trumps cause in further damaging an already wounded and weak, corrupt wicked Hillary. Who despite all her troubles, the establishment on the left seems pretty adamant about supporting no matter what and through thick and thin. The fix is already in, and the harder it is to 'unfix' it, the more it helps Trump. Because ironically, when the liberals in the media who are behind Hillary talk about concern about her difficulty in winning over the Bernie supporters, they really mean if Bernie were to win, theres probably far more Hillary supporters who would have problems flipping to Bernie, than vice versa. They are masters of projecting things on people that they fear, I know because they do it to the right and conservatives all the time and I know what it looks like. And its rather clear the insider elites dont like the Bernie crowd, they really look down on them, much like they do conservatives.

    If this does go down, the debate, it will be the greatest political theater on the grandest of scales, not really ever seen before in our lifetimes. And really, it will have to turn into a bash Hillary Fest because the last thing Bernie will want to do is stand up there and defend Hillary Clinton and her views and positions all night. He probably would have to show some party loyalty and defend her from some of the personal attacks Trump might make on her, but regardless of the attack, the more Bernie defends Hillary, the more he will be put into a very narrow box. Its gonna be a bloodbath frankly. Bernie has no idea what he is in for and he is only doing this as an act of sheer desperation, and as an underdog who is in desperate need of free air-time, at any cost and irrespective of the risks. And Hillary, frankly shes the one who will lose, even more than Sanders, before the debate even begins. Trump is way smarter than so many give him credit for. He has out foxed some pretty savvy political elites on the right. The left will be no different, and just like his Republican competitors, they dont see it coming either.

  14. OK TYT, I agree that the ownership of land is in no way a form of, "charitable giving." But the scathing, pessimistic and patronising attitude when discussing how he loaned out his luxury resorts free of charge to charities for their events was inappropriate and unnecessary. Who cares what or how much people donate? It's that they donate in some way is what's important. I'm not by any means stating Donald Trump is a shining example of philanthropy, I just don't think it's fair TYT launch attacks on charitable giving when I can bet my bottom dollar on Trump having made more charitable contributions than both hosts.


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