Bilal Kayed released after 15 years in Israeli jail


“We cannot express how happy we are that he has been released but it is an incomplete happiness because he carries the message of all the other prisoners who remain in Israeli jails”

Alex Poucher

Bilal Kayed released after 15 years in Israeli jail

Bilal Kayed’s case caused outrage when he was placed under administrative detention by Israel on June 15.

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  1. He is probably innocent….there are many missing Palestinians who just walk in the street for routine and next thing you know is they are in jail… missing….

    Where is ICC regarding these missing people..

  2. I’m muslim and i would support Israel instead Palestine. Isreal people are educated. Arabs remains the same. Look iraq, syria, yemen etc. The territory which palestinians claim their own is believe to be a religious holy place for jews too. So why cant stay together. If you throw stones on them or fire rocket towards them so they would absolutely bombard you back because every thing has it’s own reaction.

  3. Was it mention he was a known terrorist who commited terror atacks and was involved in other terror attacks?
    And what do you think he will do after hid realese? Will he become a saint?

  4. Human Rights Watch “noted that it’s particularly egregious to execute defendants sentenced in Gaza, whose court system is rife with coercion, torture and compromised procedures…the collaboration charge is particularly worrisome, saying that in the absence of due process the charge, “can be used by Hamas to settle personal or political scores”. Newsmax, Global Talk, May 25 2016.


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