Boko Haram kills 18 women at a funeral in Nigeria


“When we said that Boko Haram is still in this place, some people sit in Abuja and claim that there is no more Boko Haram – but see what has happened.”

Alex Poucher

Boko Haram kills 18 women at a funeral in Nigeria

Gunmen on motorbikes attack village near Madagali in Adamawa state, killing mourners and setting houses on fire.

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  1. How can boko haram end in Nigeria were there are many alamajiri Fulani herbsman that never attend any school in their life is issued a gun as national identity card in Nigeria boko haram can never stop unless the Nigeria northan leaders agree to stop them those boko harams and Fulani harbsman are northan leaders killing machine so it can never stop because they are not educated even for one day

  2. May those that died rest in peace, those murderers are they never tired of seeing blood creating chaos and mischief how I pray anytime they carry guns the guns should turn to them.

  3. look now all over the world the term taliban,bokoharam,isis,qaeda…are used for variety of political consuption,for instance buhari has opponents in nigeria,they may kill anyone to claim that there is no stability in the country.the same i know taliban in afghan,pakistan warring for diff cause,but there are mercenary talibans and real cause taliban,if any mad person killed anyone we couldn.t say it is acertain group.

  4. The deaths were very unfortunate. But if the boko haram that used to overrun military barracks, seizing towns and carrying out “military parade” of ammunition carted from arms depots – is now ONLY able to attack such soft targets as that one, then they’re truly more nearer to their ignoble end than we ever thought.

  5. the attack took place in an isolated village in Adamawa, thats shows Thier capability to attack big targets like awhole local government have bin subdued to it minimum…..they are chased out of there stronghold and in retaliation attack vulnerablre soft target. I live in Borno state capital, I. know first hand what they are and there strength

  6. The administration of Buhari and his APC is a real big problem they are expert in lying, misleading the people with all forms of propaganda even as a ruling party thank God the world is watching .The number of lives lost since the swearing in of Tyrant Buhari is worrisome no one knows what will happen before the expiration of his tenure.

  7. Thanks aljazeera for reporting this because the worst of it all is that the Buhari’s govt is at work in concealing the sect’s killing spree and breathe lies to the international community. Note that there’s no chibok girl rescued yet. Buhari led admin is dedicated to destroy and deceive.

  8. i think i hate nigerian military totaly. if this mission is in tchad soldiers hand we would not see or here this evil people. A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds, through us. Please accept my condolences,

  9. God will never forgive those who created boko haram. They used them to frustrate the past regime and now is their turn. They have also allowed the Fulani cattle rearers to carry about AK47 and killing people randomly. Whenever any issue that pertains to them comes up,government pay only lip services to it. Only time will tell.

  10. The members of boko haram is the decadent of saitan,that is they stand strongly against the living God.don’t called them as a terrorists,they are the destroyers of earth which is created by living God.

  11. Just a simple statement “show us your certificate”Buhari had to drive all our supposed respected Advocates to court. Honestly Nigeria has been badly raped,the president has no WASSCE certificate

  12. Though, Buhari’s administration is now able to curtail Boho Haram, complecency shouldn’t step in, because these militants can change their tactics at all times, They must be fought with all the needed tools to ensure total victory.

  13. “The fear of boko haram, Our pride.”-Northern Nigeria muslims, back in the days when their rabid sons and suicide daughters kills only non-muslims in their place of worship. Northern Nigeria, recieve your pride by the power of muhamed sword. Ameen


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