Casualties reported as car bombs rock Damascus


A number of people have been killed or wounded after a suicide bombing struck an eastern district of Damascus, according to a Syrian state television report.

Alex Poucher

Casualties reported as car bombs rock Damascus

One suicide bomber detonates himself in Tahrir Square in central Damascus, while two others detonate on airport road.

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  1. From Air to Land ,it is bloodshed allround,People are dying innocently ,Syria has witnessed alot,There is less possiblility now ,that may convert Deserted Syria into Old Crowded and Peaceful Syria!

  2. Why all who talk about muslim brotherhood and mullahs who claim Islam is religion of peace are not going there to guide those terrorists who are commiting such henious crimes and prove Islam is really religion of peace and work for humanity.

  3. Turkey is preparing to launch an illegal large-scale ground offensive/invade the Kurdish-held Afrin area in Syria, where Russian troops are also based.

    Spread the word!!!

  4. Hahaha…. BOMBISTANIS will flock to this post now. We thank God that Syria is far from India. Otherwise PORKISTANIS would start playing the blaming game. Blaming everything on India. Hahahahaha…

  5. Blame west, blame USA, blame Russia but it’s your own people that is using this weapons to kill their own blood brothers shame on you Arab countries who don’t value their lives it’s a pity

  6. I.sorry what is going on syria somalia and other muslim countries i.believe america and israel behind all problem in world because they support terrerrosim groups such dacish and all shabab muslim countries led by inbalility ruler such saudi arabia

  7. Syria is in danger to be cut to pieces in the same manner as former Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya by the same butchers and must issue an urgent appeal to China, Russia, India and other powers to come to her rescue and throw out of the Syrian borders the Americans, British, French, Israelis, Saudis, Canadians and other terror nations who violated the sovereignty of the country and engage in war against the Syrian pepple.

  8. Have you seen, in the west “massmedia” or western comments, any indignation move against this terrorists attacks? No, I don’t see nothing…you know, this world is dominated by the obsessive paranoid madness to submission the Earth to the western DNA FORMATION, “The free world”…


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