CIA releases millions of declassified documents


Under public pressure the US Central Intelligence Agency released 13 million pages of recently declassified files. UFO sightings, paranormal activity and Cold War spy tactics are among topics covered in the hitherto secret material. RT America’s Ashlee Banks brings us the story.

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  1. REALLY  RT?  There wasn't ANYTHING more NEWS WORTHY in the dump that you could have reported on?  RT is acting like CNN's little sibling & that's NOT a compliment.

  2. 13 million pages of nothing worth a fuck I'm sure.
    911 was an inside job. Nobody died at Sandy Hook and probably Pulse Orlando as well.
    Pizzagate is real, only the tip of the iceberg. I'm 46 been studying this shit since 2003,
    I feel for you newcomers you have a hell of a lot of catching up to do.

  3. Oswald's tax return should be released so we can see who was paying him – They're not reason to continue to keep it classified, unless what we've all been told is bullshit (and we already know it's bullshit). No wonder 9/11 happened – the organisation which included people such as Prescott Bush, was able to take out the president, replace him with a puppet and a couple of years later, you're on the fucking moon. North Korea, eat your heart out.

    Keep away from my kids

  4. a nova norma do pcc mundial atravez do alibaba mixer de israelitas do cinema mktg crente, está utilizando o cia da cia, ou sejaa, fazendo denuncias e vendo quem se manifesta , investiga. terrorismo inverso existe, e os dias de hoje seriam simbolo do pcc no mundo, jay lu houses os false kardescistas e evangelicos e outros cadastrados, que ajudam a lavagem dos radio tv, jornal meth determination batmilicia, like rt news

  5. grupo do pcc radio tv, está na gedec ministerio publico sao paulo, seriam evangelicos com feministas candomblé ambos de origem. bandidos que forjam provas antes de mandar pra policia juizes e anti terroristas do jornal inverso obama care mucho


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