CNN source says Trump may invade Syria, but does it hold weight?


A source has reportedly told CNN that Donald Trump’s administration is considering sending ground troops into Syria. But does the story have substance, or is it more fake news? Global risk analyst and foreign policy expert John Sitilides joins ‘News With Ed’ to discuss.

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  1. He's planning to appease the Saudis and fundi christian bace eliminate Palestine and attack Iran. He's already said it in plain english. Iran the ones fighting against terror not sponsoring it no matter all their other sins. Trump is like taking a cup of swamp water and while pouring it into the swamp saying this will clean out the swamp.

  2. Deep state , fake news ? the system propaganda and the amount of people who regurgitate the latest mantra. funny thing is when they get enough people believing in this so called fake news ,who decides what fake news is ? the government and your first amendment is gone

  3. Hahaha… Syria has a rodent problem. The bigger the RAT, the baddest exterminators are required. President Trump is planning to send special forces to EXECUTE Al Qaeda & ISIS leaders. Man, that "intel from Yemen" must've been a gold mine. HAPPY HUNTING : )

  4. Of course he will send ground troops to Syria, he works for Hillary Clinton and she has deal to make with gulf state leaders, that they have payed millions for, through the Clinton Foundation. you have all been played, Trump works for Clinton as her "private email server" in the White house. The biggest reverse psyop in the history of the world. Why doesn't RT invite me on to give analysis, better shit then the have been getting from the fucktards they do book!!!!


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