Curse of Siberian Ice Maiden now blamed for Clinton’s epic fail


In 1997, Hillary Clinton visited the mummy of the Princess of Ukok, or the Siberian Ice Maiden, or whatever else you want to call this mummy that was dug up from a sacred burial ground. Now, the Observer says Hillary’s loss might be the mummy’s fault for cursing her. Really. Follow The Resident at

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  1. This isn't the plot for your new book, is it? Ice maidens? Spaceballz?But only 26% voted in the US election unlike the 85% in Holland. That extra 56% who voted tends to keep the bigots,racists and dumb cunts in check.Morons are always gonna moron.They'll always be with us But it keeps their grubby fingers off the button.So,in this case',fuckin da vote'wasn't a very clever thing to do.

  2. Gotta love me some authoritarianism.Huh ummm.Delicious.Just like the Russkies,eh? And how absurd was that press conference with Merkel? What a dumb fucker hahaha

  3. Youve got a one-party system divided between Neoliberalism which lost the last election ,and has now been replaced by proto-fascism.There are many reasons for this.The ignorance of your average American being the main reason. .The electoral system being another.Maybe Russian interference being another.Stupid cowed people tend to behave in predictable ways.

  4. Funny. I like your stuff. But, you have a bit of a hard aggressive edge as a woman, you sound like you smoke cigarettes, but that is ok, I guess., ok, if you do you want to check out at a younger age than you would. You are a smart woman and I very much like that. You sound like you are a bit of a Widow Spider kind of woman. Like you would eat your mate. Just kidding. And, I hate the, here is my name here is my name sort of announcement kind of stuff before speaking before sharing . But in this case, I don't know what your name is to complement you on your work. Even if you have a the hard smokers nicotine fingers kind of edge.


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