Daily Death Tolls Caused By Big Pharma’s Opioid Epidemic


According to data by the Center for Disease Control, 91 Americans die every day from overdosing on opioids, in the form of both prescription drugs and drugs like heroin. But it’s that first class – prescription painkillers – that is a major cause for concern. America’s Lawyer Mike Papantonio talks about the painkiller epidemic brought upon by Big Pharma. Subscribe to the Ring of Fire for more: https://www.youtube.com/golefttv

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  1. 28 dislikes? seriously? what a world we live in, when political autobot deception tribalism trumps(no pun intended) a non partisan health epidemic. Seriously, all of you who thumbed this down should be ashamed of yourselves.

  2. Their all drug dealers, that never have to worry about going to jail….What a wonderful world we live in. Thank You for getting this out to the public. Sadly I just don't think that people are awake enough to see, hear, or speak

  3. OK OK white people all of a sudden are in a lot of PAIN! OMG! We love to abuse ourselves, don't we? It's downright Amuricun to abuse everything, isn't it – your body, your job, your spouse, your kids, your health, your bank account if you have one. BINGING is wonderful – we binge on everything, fast food, videos, games, sports, porn, gambling, alcohol, texting, tweeting, fake news, the latest bestest. Reap what you sow.

  4. there is an illness called somatoform disorder which mean you may be in horrendous pain but we can't find the cause. All that we can do is prescribe a pain killer so you can function. What you supposed to do if the pain is so bad you are nonfunctional unleds6 you are prescribed a pain medication?

  5. Just a few notes for those who keep chirp chirp chirping about oh woe is me marijuana is illegal and I can't get high..

    For those of you who don't have pain I understand it's hard to imagine these help anybody especially if you had a family member who died abusing these drugs. The reality is though, because we don't have adequate options people in pain like myself have to take these medications or be bedridden and unable to hold a job. This all to say I admit Opioids are extremely addictive and are dangerous to addictive personalities. They are physically addicting and when you try and quite your pain is made much worse, you feel sick, and get horrible anxiety, chills etc And without going into too much detail while Marijuana may seem like the missing peice to this opioid pain problem it simply isn't. Marijuana just like Opioids is extremely addictive, and are unsafe for adolescents to use for pain as they can bring out mental illness or cause someone who was otherwise ok to become depressed, suicidal, etc This again from the research is isolated to adolescents meaning those still in puberty or in the developmental ages where the brain is still developing. And what's more for many people who do fall into this category Marijuana is simply laughably weak as an analgesic and that doesn't really have to do with the strain as many Marijuana advocates claim. Someone who suffers pain and has had surgery and many other painful procedures I wish there was someway that we could figure the situation out without harming people like me. All I know is that if the gov decides to ban opioids I could understand why, but in such a case personally I would advocate the banning of other addictive substances like alcohol and Marijuana. If a substance can't be used medically to help with a doctor's guidance there is no reason people should be using harmful substances like Marijuana or especially alcohol.

  6. this is why I don't take any of those pills for pain… if my pain is at that level that I cant handle it then I will take the next step up… not mask the pain with pills that destroy your life

  7. 1/3rd of this story is missing… You live in a capitalist system and the only thing that fosters, is cupidity, so i think that you should also have a serious look at why your doctors, who are supposed to be caring for you are making you more ill. Where is that angle?

  8. Number of americans killed by pain killers every year : 46,000
    Number of americans killed by weed every year : 0


  9. Please have compassion with chronic pain patients: don't let this opioid epidemic panic make it even harder to get the painkillers we need to function. Pain clinics/doctors are already extremely draconian, don't make it worse.


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