Dead Rising 4’s next add-on turns Frank West into a zombie


Frank Rising

Poor Frank West deserves better than this. He’s a hero, having saved countless people from a zombie outbreak. He’s a pioneer, the kind that seek out danger in order to get a scoop. And, as everyone seems to remember most, he’s covered wars.

Still, you play with fire long enough and you’re bound to get burned. Or, if you play with zombies long enough, you’re bound to get bit. That’s the timeline the upcoming Dead Rising 4 DLC explores.

On April 4, a single-player add-on called Frank Rising will release on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC for $10. In it, Frank is infected by the undead and he needs to find a permanent cure. The twist is bolstered by the fact that Frank needs to feast on humans instead of traditional food in order to stay alive. Well, I guess humans are traditional zombie food.

Good on Frank for seeing how the other half lives. Understanding all perspectives is an important part of being a journalist, and now he’ll have the empathetic experience to objectively cover the zombies. Frank West: Good Journalist.

Spring Forward Into All-New Dead Rising 4 Content [Xbox Wire]

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