‘Deadly US air strike in Syria hit peaceful mosque’


“People who attend the mosque and locals both said it was run by peaceful people, and first responders told us they did not find any weapons amidst the rubble.”

Alex Poucher

‘Deadly US air strike in Syria hit peaceful mosque’

US claims Aleppo air raid targeted al-Qaeda, but rights groups and researchers say civilians were hit in mosque.

Click to view original posting on the Al Jazeera Facebook page.


  1. Imagine if Muslim country does @ir strike on church then how west would react? ….

    No wonder real ev!l is USA , israel and their secret majoosi friends who are destroying Muslim countries in name of fighting t £rror! $m

  2. Al Jazeera has been called a propaganda outlet for the Qatari government and its foreign policy, by analysts and by news reporters, including former Al Jazeera reporters. The network is sometimes perceived to have mainly Islamist perspectives, promoting the Muslim Brotherhood , and having a pro- Sunni and an anti- Shia bias in its reporting of regional issues. It is also accused of having an anti-Western bias.

  3. Why is SAUDI ARABIA continue silent on the killing of innocent Muslims people by the vampire US government around the world in the pretext of fighting terrorism or looking for terrorists . Meanwhile they are the Arch of everything that represent EVIL it’s a shame real shame to say the least Muslim countries should join hand and stopped this continues blood shed with all the blessings on those countries Muslim are refugees almost all over the world why why they day of reckoning all those leaders will pay the supreme price for all the atrocities committed by them in shaa Allaah .

  4. On behalf of myself, my friends, my family, and a majority of Americans; My deepest of apologies could not scratch the surface of the damage that our government has done. There are no words that can express my sorrow.

  5. It’s becoming a practice now. Bomb masjids, kill innocent Muslims on the presumption of striking terrorists and later issue an apology or call it a friendly fire. This is because there is no leadership on planet earth who can stop or question these coward butcher’s who simply are thrilled by killing innocent people.

  6. ISIS bombing Muslims n mosques
    Now US Bombing Muslims n Mosques
    Both are from the same family

    The whole world has become blind n deaf
    Yet media and the supper powers keep blaming Islam for all the troubles

    What a funny world we are living

  7. No calls to invade or attack the US afterwards. Why? Because only the US and its allies reserve the right to invade or bomb other countries with impunity. Hypocrisy at its best.

  8. Arabs blood is cheap in the middle east. they should do a lot of soul searching why most of the arab countries are in turmoil and why they are killing each others in the name of their religion. sad to see western countries and Russia are using their smart bombs to decimate the poor an innocence victims in the conflict.

  9. AJ ” peaceful mosque” hahahahah… What of the fresh killing of the Christians on Easter eve in souther kaduna, Nigeria?

    May God have mercy on you all…
    My condolence to the families of those whose beloved ones died in the mosque…

  10. US have created more enemies, instead of killing the terrorist they killied the civilians, worst than the vest bombers only the muslims can solve their own problems,
    Where is the promised to the Iraqi people

  11. We condemned bombing in Church in Egypt or anywhere in the world. But US led Western countries killing innocent people in mosque or in there residence, blaming them ISIS, DAES, Al Quyda whatever brand. But these groups also created by themselves. They often mistake n killing Dozens/ Hundreds of innocent people. Just these life do not matter for them.

  12. We pray Allah respond to the doers in an appropriate way. Otherwise it seems wars in Moslem countries are not against terrorists and dictators
    but Islam as a religion
    Imagine, NO hash reaction to what happen in Burundi, S. Sudan Zimbabwe D.R Congo, North Korea among others. Instead bombing MOSQUES. Do every thing but ALLAH knows all your plans to the true religion and is ever ready to defend it.

  13. The West and the United States in particular has deliberately bombed civian infrastructures like cities, towns, water, electricity abd sewage facilities, villages, farms, hospitals , schools, universities, public libraries, residential areas, wedding parties, burial ceremonies, refugee shelter, camps with their war planes, helicopters and drones and have despicably turned their guns to the last sanctuaries left for the terrorized , bleeding and brutalized defenseless civilians, the places of worship, the Mosques that they are deliberately bombing nowaday. Its infact that this so called “war on terror ” is definitely the real war on Islam and Muslims. These bloody evil acts , massacres and destructions in all the Muslim countries by the West clearly speak for themselves. These are despicable acts of evil and totally unacceptable

  14. muslim nowadays all talk so much but no action..scared loose $$$..that is in their mind!! if we all join together as one muslim,they will scared of us n stop all the madness

  15. What happened Donald? I thought you were so devestated about all the innocent Syrian kids dying that you just had to step up the war to protect them. That was why you attacked Assad, right? To stop civillians getting killed? I’ll be amazed if he even puts a tweet out about this, and it barely even makes the news on the commercial TV networks. Where is all the footage of suffering kids from this attack? Oh that’s right- when we do it, it’s okay. Absolute hypocrisy from the government and mainstream media.


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