DEBATE: Will MSM wear itself out over Trump & Russia?


Will Democrats ever be satisfied that Russia did not tip the election? Ed Martin, president of the Eagle Forum, and David Burstein, contributor to Vanity Fair, join “News with Ed” to discuss the widening rift between Trump’s supporters and those who continue to dispute his legitimacy.

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  1. how was this guy a award winner in journalism? this is the 3rd or fourth time i have seen his show on RT. so far he has done nothing to separate himself from his old job, on mainstream.

  2. Wow has anyone heard of…take things with a grain of salt…you people are listening to media outlets for the fact and they DON'T HAVE ANY! Wait till the full investigation is done and then make your opinion or whatever but don't sit there and assume something because the Washington Post printed it or fox reported it! Jesus Christ people really?


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