Declassified nuclear-test films yield critical insights


Thousands of once highly-classified videos of nuclear bomb tests conducted in the 1950s and 60s have come to light through analysis and publication by the Lawrence Livermore National Lab. The films were used to measure the fireballs and shockwaves of the explosions. RT America’s Simone Del Rosario reports on the films’ discovery and digitization, as well as the critical need to study them in light of what we’ve learned in intervening decades.”

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  1. the beginning of the end of the earth.and operation fishbowl of course,5 years of of nuking the firmament trying to blast through,united states and russia."break on through to the other side" the doors.

  2. LAWARNCE LIVERMORE SHOW THE FILMS OF MY FATHER BEING NUKED IN A A CAGE, the special forces marine, you put them in cages and murdered them THESE PEOPLE ARE THE CORE OF EVIL ;;

  3. RT viewer's such as myself, armed with a Bible Belt Evangelical home-schooled educashin are to smart to fall for the nuclear weapon's hoax. It's just a govermint scam to keep us all in feer so they can implimint marshal law. Everyone say's Libertarian's are to smart for are own good and the guvermint don't like it when people get to smart!

  4. Russia and China will be defeated by Murica. I will elaborate later but be assured that Russia/CCCP and China are led by weak leaders always too afraid to LAUNCH THE NUKES! It will lead to their demise. That's the price you pay for worshipping capitalism.


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