Deep state and mainstream media working together’ to get rid of Trump – Lionel


A renewed frequency of references to ‘deep state’ in discussions of General Michael Flynn and the frequent intel leaks plaguing the Trump administration. But what does this term really mean? Media and legal analyst Lionel of Lionel Media joins RT America’s Ashlee Banks to discuss the concept, once in ‘tinfoil hat’ territory, and its growing currency in mainstream media and discussion

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  1. now all youre americunts can say illuminati confirmed , because now it is the illu or even more working.

    this is the first time im gonna say this, but yo rottenschild , kick those bloodlines out of the circle please. they are useless their time to get sacrificed has arrived.
    If you wanna make a better world, get new bloodlines.

  2. Told ya, they will kill themselves via their own stupidity and extremism. Nations with idiotic ideologies like theirs cannot persist because they are stupid and nature doesnt allow stupid to persist for very long.

  3. It's CIA, evil sob's building underground tunnels, Area 51, devious shit in space… They owe no accountability to the peoples, they're protected by national security bullshit they create. It's been said the CIA runs the EU. If anyone truly tries taking the reins away from them, they'll whack them like Kennedy.

  4. He will root out the traitors with a ruthless zeal. Trump is the modern day Andrew Jackson. The (((deep state))) will not win this without taking out Trump before he takes them out first.


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