Do all lives matter in Syria?


The Saturday bomb attack on buses evacuating Syrians from rebel-held areas, in which 80 children were killed, has been condemned by the United Nations. The mainstream media, on the other hand, is playing to a different tune. RT’s Lizzie Phelan has more.

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  1. This is your mates the Muslims at it again. Do a deal to release people and they blow them up. Just fuckin kill the fucking cunts already. Do we have to come grab some Syrians and train them to kill or what?

  2. I always ask that same question. They usually says we are Paris,We are Boston after the Bombing but hundreds of innocent children and woman died on a daily basis so their lives are life trash…..Only Can help those syrian people.

  3. For neocons who want regime change in Syria to bring Wahhabi extremists to power, the lives of people from minorities don't count. They are not interested in overthrowing the government and bringing to power an extremist tyranny that would massacre them even more. Therefore, they are worthless for neocons.


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