Does The U.S. Need India More Than India Needs The U.S.? | AJ+


India and the United States have a pretty tight relationship, but maybe the U.S. needs India more than India needs it? Like all long-term relationships, this one’s …

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  1. Little disappointed that Bangladesh, a country in the top 10 for languages and population, didn't even get a passing note with its Liberation War (1971). The Indo-Pakistani war of 1971 was 13 days long and was a result of the former, Bangladesh's war for independence which lasted 8.5 months. It's like referring to the American Revolutionary War but only considering France and Spain's involvement against England.

  2. As the US and India relationship grows.. Russia will slowly move away.. as for upsetting OBOR framework sorry India your hands are tied u just gotta go with the flow (hope it helps in easing regional tensions)

  3. I think india-russia-united states-japan-israel should form strong economical and military ties! Taking off all those manufacturing and stuff from china….. Pakistan – china-north korea-turkey are cancerous!


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