Facebook shuts down internal anonymous hate group, leaves global one operating


Facebook shut down an internal employee online group called Facebook Anon after the company determined it violated company policy against anonymity and spewed hate. Meanwhile, their company’s product is responsible for people around the world anonymously spewing hate. The Resident discusses. Follow The Resident at http://www.twitter.com/TheResident

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  1. It is fake and false to label these cretins as left wing. They r totalitarian identitarians. Gramsci was left wing. Vico was left Wing Castro was left wing. Qadaffi was left wing. These guys are fascistic totalitarians. Any one who favours coup d'etats wars Israel rf fascist plain and simple. The proof is in the pudding. Look in the mirror for you will see the image of Mussolini.

  2. The interesting thing about the 1st amendment right is that it does not include businesses. It pertains only to federal, state and local governments. Facebook as a business has the right to do whatever it wants to do. Personally, I have been Facebook free since May 2016 as I deleted my account. If anyone is important in your life, they will call (text) you or email you. Nothing is better than an old-fashioned face to face communication by smart phone or even email. I don't process why anybody would allow their personal information to be used as a money making machine for Mark Zuckerberg. He's already got enough money as it is. I value privacy as I try not to leave too much cyber trails behind in using a computer for any activity. I learned that my life style is much less stressful when I'm engaged in a conversation with people around my immediate neighborhood. The benefits are that I have more things in common than anything that would remotely resemble any hatred that is being magnified by media or social media. Simple but not easy…step back and do a lot of introspection. This will do wonders for an outlook in one's future.

  3. Facebook should build a universal education curriculum.
    Kindergarten – University. Specializing in emotional (social intelligence).
    I'm certian they could afford it, and its not like the world couldn't use "top tier" & routinely updated course materials.

    +1 Lori

  4. Remember when the Internet WAS social media? Facebook is modern techno-shit and a cesspool of Liberal ass–holes.
    And Lori should wear brighter colors and something other than black T-shirts ~
    I need to go break shit to the sounds of Sound of Urchin

  5. Don't worry. Soon people won't give a crap about anonymity. I see people today screaming to a camera saying "I'm a Nazi!" That's because it doesn't pay to be politically correct or nice anymore. Being politically correct hasn't improved people's lives. People are suffering economically and have nothing to lose. Do you really think they care about your opinion of them? Oh you capitalists are going to get what you deserve.

  6. Face book is a power and memory hog, hole and …you are beginning to become aware of how many "dangerous dependencies " there are. Light, heat, power, transportation, communication, education and last but appearantly not least , entertainment.

  7. Nail on the head. Of De phaced buk. Which is why we are unanimous, not anonymous. We do not wear masks. We do not forget. We re member and eyes e everything. We do forgive upon genuine contrition. Respect us. We are bringing dinner, non gmo.

  8. facebook. blocking censoring and deleting users who are critical


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