FBI: We’re Investigating Trump For Russia Ties


FBI Director, James Comey, admitted that there is no evidence of Obama wiretapping Trump Tower, also the FBI is investigating Trump’s possible ties to Russia. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. https://www.tytnetwork.com/go

“■ The F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, publicly confirmed an investigation into Russian interference in the presidential election and whether associates of the president were in contact with Moscow.

■ Mr. Comey also said the F.B.I. had “no information” to support President Trump’s allegation that Barack Obama wiretapped him.

■ The hearing’s featured witnesses: Mr. Comey and Adm. Michael S. Rogers, the director of the National Security Agency.

Comey confirms the F.B.I. is investigating Russian election interference.

The F.B.I. is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible links between the Trump campaign and the Russian government — and whether there was any coordination, Mr. Comey said.

Mr. Comey said that it was unusual for the F.B.I. to confirm or deny the existence of any investigations, but that in unusual circumstances when it is in the public interest, the bureau will sometimes discuss such matters.

“This is one of those circumstances,” he said.

“The F.B.I., as part of our counterintelligence effort, is investigating the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 president election,” he continued, adding that the investigation included looking at whether associates of Mr. Trump were in contact with Russian officials, and whether they colluded with them.”

Read more here: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/20/us/politics/intelligence-committee-russia-donald-trump.html

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  1. At this point, the people who still insist in supporting President Shit-for-Brains are just refusing to accept reality or are being willfully stupid. Either way, they look and sound more pathetic with each passing day under the weight of each new atrocity.

  2. The New York Times had a report and Hillary Clinton tweeted that there was surveillance of the trump campaign only reporting what u want lol. How else are they investigating trump without a wiretap or surveillance of the trump campaign? So stupid, can't see passed your own nose.

  3. The "raised on 4chan" trolls don't even give a shit about their own future. Not as long as mommy is there to microwave their mac and cheese, wash their underwear, buy them video games and give them a basement to live in. The man children are almost as bad as the elites that are raping this world.

  4. The way Comey repeated "tweets" and joked about the Mccarthyism accusations, they are just taking the piss at Trump, it's like when parents pretend they're taking the toddler seriously.

  5. This hearing forced the FBI to make the investigation known. Trump can now go on the attack to try and discredit the FBI as partisan hacks for months while the FBI remains silent. So this may have been the strategy all along

  6. What pisses me off is how stupid some people really are. I know of a few who would have voted for Bernie if he was the Democratic nominee. But instead voted for Trump because they didn't like Hillary >.< OMFG. Between Hillary and Trump I would take Hillary. She is orders of magnitude better than the orange turd.

  7. my impeachment clock started the second he was sworn in.that clock is ticking a bit quicker now…trump has always always always been a moron..even back in his hay day,80sish he sued the nfl,he won but was awarded 1 dollar. the next yr the usfl folded..there are multiple examples,and they grow daily…best case scenario ALL Of his cabinet had encounters with Russia and every single one gets indicted so we can be done with this bullshit

  8. I don't think Trump's presidency will just be an historic sideshow freakshow. I genuinely believe he's going down in history with Caligula, Idi Amin and Mussolini. The first POTUS to be impeached and tired for Treason. Mike Pence better not pardon him. Wow, what a shitshow we've become as a country.

  9. The Twitter account Rogue POTUS Staff claims that Comey's statement about the Russia investigation is actually in Trump's favor, perhaps just playing lip service and not actually doing anything.

    I don't know how substantial that insinuation is, but until some real evidence turns up, perhaps we should remain skeptical of Comey.

  10. Oh my gosh. Please finish the stupid investigation so we have definitive answers. Since NO EVIDENCE was submitted in the joint intelligence report (FBI included) in January, I doubt they have discovered anything new, but at least we can finally put this mess to bed.

  11. a investigation huh?
    without the dnc servers?

    the dnc refuses to give their supposed hacked servers to the FBI to look at.
    so how can their be an investigation when the key evidence is being held hostage by the dnc?

  12. there is 1 thing trump does that i can support although i dont support just flapping youre mouth off,a president/person like trump doesnt care what title he hold and what people think he tells it like he thinks it and that is a traid i do admire,but the way he says it wel you cant put in the word fact if you have nothing to stand on,then you can only simply say i think or i have reason to believe,that falls under flapping youre mouth off btw.
    but it is time that people dont hold back and just say what they feel,do it in a desent fassion but say what you think and feel and research it to see how close you are to the truth. that people likke trump and obama are/where presidents should not matter those are just titles they are human beeings just like all of us.
    and i cant realy confirm this but resent info i came across says that all modern phones and electrical communication devices are and can be whire taped this indicates delibirite procceses to want to whiretap people at the `need` of it,that in itself is also a violation of breech of privacy.

  13. and the sad fact is….this does nothing to sway trump supporters. they still call him the greatest person ever and this is just a hit job by the cia against him and they actually believe that the cia will assasinate trump after this inbvestigation..

    their stupidity knows no bounds


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