Friend to Big Meat Obama now declares meat bad for environment


Ex-President Barack Obama recently spoke at a Seeds&Chips summit in Milan, Italy, where he discussed how bad the meat industry is for the environment. However, when he was President, Big Meat was exempt from important pollution regulation and enjoyed many other perks. The Resident breaks it down. Follow The Resident at

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  1. They inject the animals with steroids, hormones and drugs that make them grow fatter and faster and have more meat. You eat that stuff. It just makes sense. Not only that, it is what they do to the animals and how they are mistreated and tortured. The screaming and crying when they butcher them is beyond belief. Believe me when I say this. Animals have brains and do feel fear and pain…The farms of today are not called farms. They are called processing plants and have literally become torture chambers. The people that work in these places are worse than the guards in the German concentration camps. I'm not going to preach this stuff do the research yourself…..I will not be part of that inhumanity, insanity and greed….

  2. But riding around on a fuel-sucking private plane is ok. But don't' touch that cheeseburger!!
    Democrats are so damn smart. They live the dream whiling training their cows to do as their told.


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