Gaza’s healthcare crumbling under Israeli siege


“Around 4,000 Palestinians need to leave Gaza for urgent medical treatment but they can’t because of the siege.”

Alex Poucher

Gaza’s healthcare crumbling under Israeli siege

Only a few of those living in Gaza receive necessary medical attention because of Israel’s continued siege.

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  1. WHY is killing and denial of healthcare to Palestinian NOT terrorism in eyes of ‘Free’ World? Is the blood of Muslims so cheap that Palestinians are not even allowed to protest on these on going atrocities?

  2. The regime of Israel ought to end the civilian closure of Gaza and enter into regional arrangements that will allow residents of Gaza the freedom of movement to which they have a right.

  3. Israel’s continued treatment of the Palestinians as an oppressed indigenous population will remain before the world’s conscience, much as South African apartheid did.

  4. Around 4,000 Palestinians need to leave Gaza for urgent medical treatment but they can’t because of the siege, May I know what is wrong with the world, the whole world watching what is going on in Gaza and do nothing, because Isreal people are protected.

  5. There are always regimes that rest on cruelty and humiliation, as many have done throughout history, and those that go further by excluding some human beings altogether from moral concern. The latter as radically evil, the regime of Israel falls into this category. The distinction drawn here is not a quantitative one based on the numbers of victims, but categorical: the regime of Israel racism against Palestinians created an immutable hierarchy in which there could be no common moral bonds. Viewing most of Palestinians as less than human, the regime of Israel rejected morality itself, by launching a project of systematic extermination, by implementing a policy of exclusion from society of “former persons,” which was practiced by the Soviets.

  6. It’s okay we should turn a blind eye to this because the people doing all the bad things to them are the chosen ones by God himself so it’s okay. That’s why the UN is doing nothing.

  7. The International Law only applies when and where the United States wants it to apply. The Geneva Conventions, customary international law and the Uniform Code of Military Justice all prohibit the killing of noncombatant civilians. The imprisoned pugnacious demagogue tribe of the U.S. is the JUDGE, and the UN is the JURY!

  8. “None of you[truly]believes until his brother wishes what he wishes for himself.”Imam Al Nabawi’s 40 Hadith.
    This is about the Golden Rule”Treat others the way you want to be treated in Islam.

  9. You will tell me Israel withdraw all forces from Gaza in 2009, well they imprisoned Gazas 1.8 million inhabitants behind an apartheid wall, and blocked the strip of Land Air and Sea too. In Israel 2006, Israeli Government adviser Dov Weisglass said of the deliberate policy to cap food to imprisoned Gaza ” to make Palestinians on diet, but not to make them die of hunger” .
    The UN describe the blockade as making Gaza uninhabitable.
    Israel is committing ethnic cleansing!

  10. Palestine is not a Roman name. It entered the Indo – European lexicon most likely through the Greek. Writers such as Herodotus , Aristotle , Polemon of Athens, Pausanias,Agatharchides referred to Palestine repeatedly in their writings. None referred to Israel, it is thought the Greek word Palestine derives from a now extinct language of the iron age, in particular in the eight to seven centuries BCE, a Canaanite dialect that was written in a version of the west Semitic alphabet so distinctive it has been termed the Neo-Palestine script. These people referred to their land Philistia.
    Standard Ptolemaic maps of Asia always included Palestine.
    Herodotus; the ‘father of history` does not mention Israel or Judea at all in his ‘Histories` he does mention Palestine numerous times in his Histories written in 450 BCE. Most tellingly, he writes that”from Phoenicia the branch I am speaking of runs along the Mediterranean coast through Palestine, Syria to Egypt, where it ends. It contains three nation only.”

    The site in Massada did not expose significant skeletal evidence of a mass suicide or inded expulsion this lends credence to the fact that the Jews of Jerusalem and the rest of Palestine did not for the most part leave after the failure of the Bar Kochba revolt against the Romans in 136CE. They continued to live there and farm in Palestine under Roman rule and than Byzantine. They gradually converted to Christianty after 638 CE all but 10’/, gradually converted to Islam. The present- day Palestinians are the descendants of th ancient Jews and have every right to live where their ancestors have lived for centuries.

  11. ‌The Philistines had contact with both Abraham and Issac as early as 2000B.C (Genesis (21:32, 34 26:1,8).
    ‌The Philistines mentioned in passing in the book of Exodus shortly after the Israelite crossed the red sea. “When Pharaoh let the people go, God did not lead them on the road through Philistine country, thought that was shorter. For God sead “if they face war, they might change their minds and return to Egypt. “(Exodus 13:17).
    ‌( Samuel 13:19-21)

  12. I wonder how the world can allow this terrible situation to continue.The world can’t be slave of those fake Israelites who don’t even deserve to be called Israelites. Everyone in this planet knows what is going on in Gaza. There is extremely humiliation to Parestians people.But because the Zionists own the media, the media try to manipulate and neutralize.

  13. And why is Egypt doing the same to gaza, If they are not harmful? Pls all Muslims should first of all look inwardly before judging the world for not helping them. Why is almost everyone turning a blind eye?

  14. How about they go back to their Arab lands and quit using money they leech off of other countries for something other than bombs and missiles. Oh, and not have hamas be their leadership, too.

  15. I am awfully sorry to hear this news, plastinion people always clamoring for peace but they feel that their lack of health is a drag on their progresses that is responses for cruel enemy around them .
    Harassing children will not avail by Israel army after they’re dead .
    I call plastinion people to be one nation and your enemy will be fallen down , in sha’allaah .
    Live durable live wherever they’re .

  16. Well thank the bloody murderers in the palastianin hierarchy. They keep on telling the people to kill the isreilies and throw things at the soldiers etc. no wonder there is a blockade. It starts at the top my friends.the hamas and fatah leadership are causing the blockade and in turn not allowing the poor Palestinians to get the help they desperately need.

  17. Keep blaming everyone else but muslims,why are d rich gulf states not helping them?the last time i checked they also refused to accept syria refugees,keep blaming,its d muslim way.

  18. The rotten soul of the Western political establishment is never more exposed than when it comes to the issue of Palestine. It is here where the hypocrisy, double standards, and political cowardice that is its truth is at its most extreme.This conflict is not and never has been about Israel’s right to exist or Israel’s security. It is not and never has been about Hamas or its Charter. It is not even about a two state or a one state solution – at least not anymore it is not. It is about whether we take a stand on the side of an oppressed people or with their oppressor.***Israel and the Rotten Soul of the West***


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