Georgia Special Election: Vote Jon Ossoff To Vote Against Trump


If you’re in Georgia, do your part and vote against Trump’s agenda. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Jon Ossoff doesn’t like to talk about his age. His reticence is understandable. Since the media and liberal voters foisted the 30-year-old political neophyte from the Atlanta suburbs into the national spotlight, he’s been celebrated by Democrats as a wunderkind who might lead the resistance against President Donald Trump and simultaneously ridiculed by Republicans, who fear the same thing, as a “spoiled frat boy.” As the front-runner in the heated special election race to replace Tom Price, whom Trump elevated to be his secretary of health and human services, in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District—a seat not held by a Democrat since the 1970s—he has endured numerous attacks targeting his relative youth. One ad spliced authentic clips of Ossoff costumed as Han Solo from a college spoof video with stock footage of frat boys doing keg stands. “I don’t want to marginalize youth,” recently mused Bruce LeVell, 53, former head of Trump’s national diversity coalition and one of 11 Republican, five Democratic, and two independent candidates who will face off against Ossoff on April 18. “But I think that a wealth of life experiences can be a tremendous asset for a congressional seat.”

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  1. If the Democrats can put enough of an effort in Kansas (1 of the 10 reddest states in the nation) and almost win that seat, then if the same effort is done by the Democrats in Georgia (1 of the 10 purple states in the middle) then Jon Ossoff could win tomorrow without the run-off.

  2. Trump supporters are the type of people who get would gladly get bombed and still think trump is doing a great and fantastic job as he sits next to his rich friends eating the world's best chocolate cake.

  3. South Carolina has one coming up – May 2nd:
    Archie Parnell, a Goldman Sachs adviser, became the first – and so far, only – Democrat to declare for the special election
    for South Carolina’s Fifth Congressional District. The race was called
    to fill the seat held by Rep. Mick Mulvaney, who resigned from Congress
    to take the job of OMB Director in the White House.
    A series of special elections in Georgia, Kansas, Montana, and South
    Carolina being held over the next three months to fill vacant
    congressional seats are widely seen as an early test of whether or not
    Democrats are able to harness some of the energy of the anti-Trump
    protests and turn it into tangible electoral results. All were held by
    Republican congressmen, and all four states have been traditionally
    Republican in presidential elections.

  4. Gee, Cenk, I'm a 6th District voter, and the thing I've noticed about the Justice Democrats is THEIR NEAR TOTAL ABSENCE FROM THIS RACE! They never announced any support for a candidate, never did diddly squat that I know of, and now YOU wanna come along and tell us how we all need to vote for Ossoff or shut up. I'm not impressed.

  5. *Vote for Jon Ossoff if you live in Georgia's 6th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives. Thank you. In the end, it's your vote that counts. *

  6. TYT: You don't get it. The guy running is an establishment Democrat. You know, the ones we're supposed to primary. Check the guy's platform.
    There's a reason the DNC is suddenly funding candidates.

  7. Based on the available data, Ossoff is the candidate most likely to win the special election. However I suspect he will end up disappointing progressives. I say that because his background, mannerisms, and rhetoric are mostly that of a savvy, clean-cut,  Democrat. And progressives don't really like those kinds of Democrats, they like weirdos: A wife-beating hedge fund manager from Florida that screams at reporters, an faux-Native American from Massachusetts who pretends to be a strong independent woman yet decided against running for President because her husband was against it, an escaped mental patient from Vermont who during the 1980s called Soviet bread lines a sign of "economic progress." These are the kind of people you're into. And if anyone's too normal or sane, than it's because they're an "establishment Democrat" or a "corporatist" or some other such thing. So I'm highly dubious of progressives backing Ossoff considering he's not a deranged, hysterical, Leninist.

  8. Ossoff is campaigning like a very conservative Republican. He is appealing to voters who like that. He is the one Democrat among a number of Republicans, so his approach makes sense. Once he gets into office he can start acting like a Democrat again.


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