Google​ Proves The Pay Gap Is REAL And It’s F****d Up!


Hannah Cranston wages war on Google for perpetuating pay disparity and spewing some major bs in the process. See more TYT Facebook Originals at

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  1. Hannah and her Fake News.
    Childless women under 35 get paid more than men.

    And let's not look and the mean wage which can be distorted by a few billionaires at the top, look at the median

  2. 2:50 "That said, the gap does exist [sic] a recent study" Where is your source? You cant support statements of fact with unsubstantiated sources. Also if you read the graph it talks about "median", and "90th percentile" and "mean" all of which suffer exactly the same problems you just mentioned a moment ago.

  3. You want to know why women in most cases are the 'housewives'? Because they have children. It does not make literal or figurative sense for a woman without a job (Generally women are out of the workforce for many months if not years if they have a spouse with a decent job) to just feed the kids and change the diapers when her husband is working his ass off to pay for the food and the diapers. If a man and a woman are married and are both working the same job, and have a kid, it would make sense for them to share chores, but that is extremely rare, and in most cases, the woman gets to kick back at home and get up every 15 minutes to check and care for the baby and does some chores on her husbands paycheck.

  4. The fact that there's a gap is not the pressing issue, the pressing issue is that even if men are paid more on average, were not making enough to survive either. Our slight advantage garnered by our gender doesn't make us better off by that much. Were all still fucked.

  5. Women have come a long way. If they are eligible to run a country, they definitely should be given equal pay and rights. I wasn't so sure about the delivery but if you play it a second time, you'll learn something.

  6. Why TYT , just why… I mean I listen to you guys alot and this video clearly proves the reseach of you're team was not optimal at all.

    Very disappointed.

  7. Natural differences between the genders give rise to gender disparities in the workforce. Men are more aggressive negotiators, better leaders, and are more driven to succeed financially than women. Why can't TYT understand this?

  8. While I find the Google internal pay gap disturbing, extrapolating that it applies to EVERY JOB EVER IN AMERICA is certainly pushing it. Earnings gap? Yeah. Wage gap? Sorry, but show me more widespread and, this is important here, SYSTEMIC wage gap disparity across the country with some amount of consistence before I go on to believe this.

  9. As progressives i think we should prove our claims through facts. I think i need more evidence about the claims in the video before believing it. I think a video of this caliber should have been given more time to explain. For example were the jobs compared at Google the same? What industries/ businesses do male mba earners join compared to female. These situations must be controlled and accounted for. What you should be arguing for is for things like mandatory paid vacation days, maternity/paternity leave, and the expansion of birth control to close the little gap that is actually present.

  10. No sources cited! Why should we trust ANY of what you have to say when 99.9999% of the western world live and work contradictory lives to the nonsense you're spouting. Hey, if you don't need to cite your sources, then neither do I.

  11. I am subscribed so that I can listen to factual news and information, not to watch an overly-flamboyant woman make dumb puns and assumptions in a format meant for 12 year olds.


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