Green Party’s presidential campaign strategy ‒ Fishtank


Third-party candidates will play a pivotal role in this year’s presidential election. Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson and Independent Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein are currently polling between 3 and 9 percent in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania ‒ all swing states. To discuss how the Independent Green Party can improve its messaging and potentially get on the debate stage, party spokesman Carey Campbell joins RT America’s Lindsay France in the Fishtank. He says that getting Stein’s name recognition up is key, because “people who have heard of her, like her.”

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  1. does any one else see the funniness of hookers for hillary hrc is just like them she sells herself to the highest bidder too i at least have a bit of respect for the hookers at least they are up front about it

  2. I get calls from the democratic party , I told them to take me off the list, but they keep calling. I do make sure each time I let them know that I am unhappy on how they handled the primary and I will be changing parties if Hillary is the nominee.

  3. I just think that the establishment of the crony republicans and the corporatist democrats are going to be extinct.  But let's don't forget that Hillary Clinton might be indicted by the FBI for her Internet server that jeopardize our country security and there is an inspection going on about exit polls that some people does want to ignore them but they're very useful to add that results in a day with those results to be known.  But whatever happens if Bernie is not on the ticket we have to vote for Jill Stein of the green party because she's on the same policies as Bernie Sanders and this is what we have to do to take back our country from a corrupt government.

  4. In know Bernie said he would not run as an independent or third party, but after everything that the DNC did to steal the nomination from him I think it's the best thing he could do right now,


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