‘Heil no!’: San Francisco rallies against Trump’s revised exec order


Hundreds of people protested against the so-called ‘Muslim Ban 2.0’ in San Francisco, Thursday, denouncing US President Donald Trump’s newly revised executive order which prohibits nationals from six majority Muslim countries from travelling to the US for 120 days.

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  1. Its the Muslim Terrorists that murdered 3000 people on September 11 that want to infiltrate our country. This is not the 20s, 30's, 40's or 50's. Our country cannot continue to accept undocumented people intent on killing the American people and trying to change our customs and ideals with their primitive Religious ways… Yes, American is the land of the free but not to that element.. These are very dangerous people….

  2. what a waste of energy which could be used to do better things . like volunteer to clean dirty city of San Francisco and feed and shelter the homeless . ……get the fuck out of here smh

  3. This goes beyond my understanding. This guy 1:20 holds Putin's picture and the text "Heil No!"… Do people not know difference between communism and fascism anymore? Or are these idiots just plain retarded?


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