Houston under water


Rain unleashed by Hurricane Harvey (now a tropical storm) continues to pour over south Texas, as rescuers race to get those who are stranded as the water rapidly rises. Take a look at some of the most harrowing moments.

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  1. US government said that they can control climate through a satellite… now what the fuck is this… people loosin homes… floods and deaths… they can't even control my dick…

  2. And the mayor is trying to dissolve himself of any blame. He said it is impossible to evacuate 6.5 million people. He didn't even try he waited to put out the order even after the president recommended it.  MAYOR TURNER SHOULD BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE for INCOMPETENCE.   Just like GOV JIM HODGENS got voted out in South Carolina because he waited to act when hurricane FLOYD almost hit Charleston sc; because of him waited it was a cluster F**k.    Another MAYOR; ATLANTA during the ICE storm caused havoc because the roads froze before the MAYOR made a decision and caused lots and lots of people HARM. Just because someone is in public office doesn't mean they know what is best.

  3. will ted cruz's vote against disaster relief for east coast states come back to haunt texas?
    100% of texans have changed their minds and now support "big government", "welfare", and "the nanny state".

  4. money make them act like junkie stupid what about now god don't play when u think u have power god have more power then us god is a alpha at this moment money can't not do shit no food no electricity kkk white supremacy are bull shit


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