How To Handle A Bernie Sanders Socialist Attack


On the latest episode of Aggressive Progressives Jimmy Dore, Steve Oh, Malcolm Fleschner, Nomiki Konst and Jordan Chariton discuss a recent CNN segment where Rick Santorum attacked the Democratic party by saying a Vermont Socialist was it’s leader. Watch the full Aggressive Progressives episode here:

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Jimmy Dore, Steve Oh, Malcolm Fleschner, Jordan Chariton, and Nomiki Konst talk Bernie Sanders attacks, DNC letter, Jordan’s coverage in Alabama, and another shitty birthday.

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  1. Bernie isn't even a socialist. There's a difference between equal outcome and equal opportunity. Social democrats/progressives want equal opportunity, meaning we want to keep the free market intact for some things (like consumer goods) and government run programs for other things (healthcare, education, etc.). Things like healthcare and prisons have no business being "for profit".

  2. as a left myself I can see why people see the pro and con of socialism. however we are WAY WAY WAY to far in the right and too capitalist. I mean really we have private jails!!!!!!
    we kinda are too right to be complaining about a little bit of socialism.

  3. OK Jimmy Dore spits on opponents. I caught a fellow employee doing that to the bread at a Weston's bakery ..I back handed that fool and got him fired. Get rid of Jimmy he is indeed a deplorable!

  4. The thing that gets me is everybody complains about Social Security costs to much public education cost the taxpayer to much PBS and the endowment for the arts cost the taxpayer too much meals on wheels cost the taxpayers too much free summer lunch program's cost the taxpayers too much welfare and food stamps Medicaid Medicare cost the taxpayers too much,,,,, entitlements in general cost the government and the taxpayers too much folks you're not really dumb enough to sit here and think if we get rid of these entitlements it's going to be better do you think you're going to get some kind of a goddamn discount rebate check or something,,,, let me tell you something if the magic deficit paying fairy came to Washington tomorrow and sprinkled magic fairy dust on the deficit and waved it's magic wand over it and the deficit was paid down instantly the magic fairy writes a check gives it to the government and says here pay this deficit down completely it would end up costing us money in fact we would probably go broke litigating all the cases of theft and fraud because everybody and their brother down there in Washington would take a turn stealing that money and by the time they got done taking taking it all the court hearings on it it would cost a fortune we would have to prosecute each and everyone of them and then turn around and build a new gigantic federal prison to put them all in we can't have health care but they can have the F 35 stealth fighter jets there was no money saved when Trump came to town he took money from the working class and the poor and then gave it to defense contractors to build up the military and also a half $trillion$$$ tax breaks for the wealthy we didn't need all those programs cut our entitlements and things he just did it so he could steal it

  5. Actions > Words! Thumbs up if you're sick of pathetic, MSM-style discussions about the (deceptive) "message" or (manipulative) "strategy" of politicians and parties, in place of the fact-based political journalism TYT used to be known for.

  6. Anyone that speaks of 'progressives' with derision is an enemy of America. Our nation was founded by 'progressives'. The 18th century conservatives were called Tories.

  7. Yet how would she explain Bernie Sanders pushing for "free" health care and "free" education?. I doubt Santorum is in favor of those.

    Agreeing with Sanders on trade doesn't make you a "socialist". I bet it never occured to Dore that Bernie's view on trade is more in line with conservativism.

    But as is typical with TYT, they only promote one political ideology.

  8. Your local police force is socialized protection. Not to worry, though. Under the current corporate, fascist neo-Nazi administration, police forces across the country will be outsourced to the likes of Blackwater, or whatever they call themselves these days – at twice the price.

  9. It's funny how Santorum says "Progressives" like if it's something Evil.. It's Evil that Progressives want Corruption out of Politics,Equal Rights for all or to take better care of this World..That is Evil.

  10. I understand that a lot of people voted for Hillary who didn't really like her. I know many, don't have a problem with them. It's the people that really like her with whom I have a problem. Maybe it's the people who looked me in the eye and told me I "have to vote for her" or maybe it's the people who told me "it's her turn" or maybe it's the people who blamed me for Trump because I wouldn't just get on the Clinton bandwagon. Or maybe it's the person who screamed at me when I said she wasn't qualified as junior senator from New York to jump to the position of Secretary of State. Not really sure, but still not over it.

  11. As a previous Bernie fan I'm not a fan of what the movement has turned into. It's now full blown socialism with the hammer & sickle flag being waved around & people showing affection for the communism that brought down the nazis. His movement was meant to be a small socialist corrective on runaway capitalism. That's not what the fans have turned it into


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