‘I went crazy’: Store-owner assaults black patron


A beauty supply store in Charlotte, North Carolina is under scrutiny after video emerged showing its owner assaulting a black female customer who, he says, was attempting to steal a pack of false eyelashes. RT America’s Ashlee Banks reports. Then Corine Mack, president of Charlotte’s NAACP, joins Anya Parampil to discuss the incident in the wider context of race-based violence in the US.

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  1. Black on Asian violence is more then 100 times the reverse. Look it up b4 you call me racist you fucking brainwashed zombies. Man some of you uneducated scum bags make me sick. And no I don't hate blacks , my father is black and he is by far the.finest man I know. Go figure. You don't have to be white to be racist. Hello ?

  2. It's not a "race" issue, it's a crime issue. She tried to commit a crime and got caught. Deal with it race baiters, the man has the right to protect his business and his property. you get what you get when you do what you do. he will own her in court when the judge sees the video tape or her stealing.

  3. I wish the principal in 1972 would have Done something to protect me when I was daily beat up in the school hallway by three big black female bullies, I was all of 72 lbs. Even my parents calls and visits didn't help. I love people of all colors but please stop with the race card baloney. I suppose because I was white and blonde and wasn't privileged I deserved that? So sick of all this race baiting, the Asian guy was wrong to jump her, I am surprised he took on a woman her size, he probably is sick of theft and snapped. Everyone decent and moral is being pushed to the edge with the insanity of the left and if they don't back off it's going to get bad for them.

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