If Bernie wins New York, Hillary will not be the nominee ‒ Michael Medved


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has a narrow lead over rival Bernie Sanders heading into the New York primary ‒ the state where she served as senator for eight years. But Sanders was born and raised in the Empire State, and is climbing in the polls. If the self-described democratic socialist pulls off the upset, can Clinton still win the nomination? RT America’s Ed Schultz discusses the New York primary with talk radio hosts Michael Medved and Joe Madison.

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  1. A "nail-biter"? She's got an average 12 point lead in New York. He'd be lucky to fight her into the single digits today. I hope folks give a good showing for Bernie, in any case.

  2. I'm just afraid of voting fraud. Don't forget, the DNC and the state agency controls all the voting tallies. The fix is in. Your vote doesn't count. They are shoving Hillary down your throats. So are you going to simply take it and not do anything about fixing the problem? They believe you don't have the backbone to stand up and do something!

  3. I'm beginning to think that the people who rolled over when George Bush stole the election from Gore and have been torn to shreds from the Obama tenure won't stand for Hillary being the next president. Just how bad will it be ? I'm not sure, but, it won't be pretty at all.

  4. the fact that anyone could think Bernie is electable is just astonishing.

    he's a phalonious rat-faced Nome looking motherfucker who is a communistic jew and is too goddamn old to survive even one term in office!

    And, somehow, Hillary is even worse than he is! SO I'll support Bernie over Hillary any day but to be serious & rational, we don't need back to back socialists.

    that's fkn stupid.

  5. We don't have a government 'for the people ' anymore. We haven't for years….and has lead us to the brink of extinction. It's time that this company finally live up to the ideals that espouses:equality ,democracy, liberty. It's do or die people! Bernie or bust.#feelthebern

  6. If Trump or Bernie lose, you know it's rigged. If Trump doesn't win by a landslide, you know it's rigged. If Bernie wins NY and doesn't get the nomination, you know it's rigged. If the people's votes end up worthless in the end then prepare for bad times ahead.

  7. No matter how you slice this election Hillary is the anointed one.
    This is about making a woman president and nothing will deviate the machine behind it all from motoring to it's desired goal.

  8. These are selections not elections people!!!! Hillary Clinton is the next president… People will see this after this selection and riots will break out… Hillary Clinton gives her acceptance speech in a blue suit…


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