Ink Master star Chris Blinston arrested after teenage daughter claims he repeatedly strangled her in Florida


A reality TV star was arrested after his 13-year-old daughter claimed he repeatedly strangled her at his house in Florida, according to police. 

Ink Master star Chris Blinston, 43, allegedly choked his teenage daughter twice when a heated custody visit at his home in Palm Beach County descended into violence on Tuesday. 

A police report says Mr Blinston used both hands to squeeze her neck, leaving her unable to breathe for around 10 seconds. 

When the award-winning tattoo artist relaxed his grip, the girl said “you’re choking me”, prompting him to lose his temper again, according to documents seen by TMZ.

The former Marine, who is 10 inches taller than his 5’1″ daughter and twice as heavy, then throttled her neck again and cut off her airways for up to seven seconds, it is claimed.

He is also said to have called her cruel names such as “mental skank” and allegedly warned her “there would be hell to pay” if she told anybody about the incident.

After the custody visit, the girl told her therapist about the alleged violence and he reported it to the police, it is said. 

Alex Poucher

Chris Blinston starred in season six of Spike TV’s Ink Master. (YouTube Spike )

Officers arrested Mr Blinston on suspicion of felony domestic battery after interviewing his daughter and noting that she had marks on her neck that looked consistent with strangulation.

The father-of-three is said to deny all allegations and was released from jail on Friday after paying a $6,000 bond.

He appeared as a contestant on the sixth season of Spike TV’s Ink Masters, which showcased his inkwork, which includes depictions of vampires, clowns and insects. 

Following his success on the show he has continued his career by making personal appearances at tattoo events in the US.

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