Is White Supremacy Making A Comeback?


Former FBI undercover agent Mike German discusses the resurgence of the white supremacist movement now under President Trump. Subscribe for more …

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  1. As much as I myself am Muslim and would never support lots of what Trump says, I think a lot of the news are being far too narrow minded and one sided on Trump's presidency. AJ+ included, sadly. AJ+ stresses far too much on not being racist to Muslims.

  2. 1. Chances of being hit by a nuclear missile are 0.0000005, and yet we still have a missile defense system, strange………
    2. Trump said SOME Mexicans are thieves and rapists but lets ignore that anyway and take it out of context
    3. There is something called CONGRESS and another much forgotten document called the CONSTITUTION, he cannot enact KKK laws especially with the latter in the way.
    4. HE LITERALLY SAID IT HIMSELF – " The media were putting microphones in front of these long forgotten white supremacists……".any news is good news"………"so anybody putting a microphone in front of them helps them amplify their message"…………."they were happy for that attention".
    LMAO, and then the interviewer proceeds to blame Trump for everything, I cant anymore I'M DONE

  3. I don't know if I would say it's making a comeback.. but even if it does people are not the same anymore. those white supremacist can and will catch some hands if they try anyone.


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