Its been 14 years since the start of the Iraq War. Washington insiders describe …


Alex Poucher
Its been 14 years since the start of the Iraq War. Washington insiders describe the days after 9/11 and how the Bush administration led the US into war.

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  1. That would be “tricked” the US into war, and some of us were against it from the outset. I always wondered about the mindset that said, “We’ve just been attacked by a bunch of Saudis; let’s go get Saddam Hussein.”

  2. More than a million innocent died because of US lies against Iraq. And much more died in Afghanistan. 🙁 also it all happened at the cost of US tax payers, US lost somelike $1 trillion. Could have been used in better development in the US.

  3. Report on how him and his father financed Al-Queda for the last 40 years…the first world terrorist organization. Which ended up branching itself and made the Taliban and today’s Isis.

  4. Excerpt from #BoomShadeTrump

    “I hope what you take away from this article is that somehow I am judging people for falling for the catnip of the sensationalism and outrage that is constantly being dangled in front of us by our depraved mainstream media. My intention is not to be pious or preach from a “virtuous than thou” pulpit. I too get drawn by the idiocy and nibble at the red meat that is thrown at society’s way for it’s only human to stare into the abyss of sideshows and train wrecks. Moreover, I am not a kill joy, I understand that at times we get drawn to the gauche and the bizarre as a means of distraction from the grind that is life. So I am very much aware of the planks in my eyes as I point out the specks that dot the eyes of spectacle gazers. But as we keep consuming the empty calories offered up by our bought and sold mainstream media, I just hope we are aware of the damage these demagogues and empty suits are wreaking unto us.”

    Read the full article below and share widely if you agree with the point of the post

  5. Thank you Bush for invading Iraq. Saddam killed more Shias and Kurds than al Qaida and Isis combined in the last 10 years. Saddam killed hundreds of thousands of Kurds and Shias and even sunnis.

    If Saddam was alive and in power, another 500,000 Would have died and he would have attempted to invade other countries again.

  6. Bush,former magic president of USA who infringed iraqi population , at that time he was chatting that this country produced lethal weapon , but his ambition was to erase or to destroyed iraqi country and he did so .

  7. Got that wrong,fact checking is a wonderful thing,Bill Clinton and Bills appointee CIA head George Tenet said Iraq had WMDS and the democrats called a second roll call to make sure all were on the floor for the vote to go to war,hillary,Kerry,Pelosi,etc,they voted overwhelmingly for the war,hillary said it was good for business, now another lesson in how the US government works,only congress can declare a war a president can not


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