Japan’s next Splatfest is fries vs. McNuggets


Mac sauce colored paint?

It seems like Japan get’s all the fun Splatfests. The next battle of the Squid Kids for Japanese players will be McDonald’s fries vs. McNuggets. 

This battle begins on September 9. Japanese Splatoon 2 players will have that weekend to fight for the obvious rightful victor, McNuggets. 

We already missed out on the battle of Pop vs. Rock and now the western audiences get snubbed in an honestly strange choice for a fast food fight, why not McNuggets vs.McDoubles? 

Alex Poucher

I draw the line when we’re barred from a Taco Bell themed fight. Until then I guess I’ll just watch longingly from the sidelines. 

Japan’s next Splatfest is fries vs. McNuggets [Twitter]

Alex Poucher

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