Jordan’s Report On A Fight For A Minimum Wage Raise


On the latest episode of Aggressive Progressives Jimmy Dore, Steve Oh, Malcolm Fleschner, Nomiki Konst and Jordan Chariton discuss a story Jordan broke about a minimum wage increase. Watch the full Aggressive Progressives episode here:

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Jimmy Dore, Steve Oh, Malcolm Fleschner, Jordan Chariton, and Nomiki Konst talk Bernie Sanders attacks, DNC letter, Jordan’s coverage in Alabama, and another shitty birthday.

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  1. Theres a reason why there are minimum wage jobs. Do you think that the guy flipping BURGERS should get paid the same as a doctor doing brain surgery?

    This will only add more pressure to move towards automation which is already happening in fast food. liberals are shooting themselves in the foot yet again

  2. It's really hard to live under $50.00 per hour on either coast (only 1 income). I can see people in the South getting by with like $20-$30 per hour because the cost of living is lower but damn $10.00 per hour must really suck donkey dick.

  3. I have lived in Sweden for many years and i'll have to tell you, the socialism that Bernie wants is working fine if you do not involve private corporate in the healthcare system …its draining the government funds and the money is going to lowtax places like Cayman isles..insted of investing in Sweden..

  4. it's not even about $15 an hour anymore, even since the ACA got passed, they dropped "full time" down to under 30 hours. 11 or 12 an hour at 40 hours a week would be cool. but even 15 an ahour at only 20 or 30 hours isnt enough.

  5. Here is the part you morons ignore, the min wage is a STARTING salary for someone with no skills at all. If they don't progress in learning the job and becoming more valuable to the company, that's all on them!

  6. So how do we raise the minimum wage without having to increase the cost of food, water, housing, medicine, insurance, stay alive, etc? Not trying to sound like a smart-ass here. Just want to understand.
    What will happened to those who worked really hard where they had to do an unpaid internship/training, show what they can bring to the table for the company they're working for, and earn their worth? Will all that hard work been a complete waste of time?

  7. I am from Alberta Canada. Minimum wage went up and now I make less money I am taxed more. My hour's were slashed. And everything I buy went up in price. I have changed my mind about minimum wage. It won't fix anything.
    I think we need to teach people life skills and how you can create your own economic status.
    I do feel for thoughs that have a hard life. I just don't think wage will fix anything.

  8. Basic macroeconomics here, low income households have a higher marginal propensity to consume, resulting in a multiplier effect, leading to more money going to producers, leading to more labour, leading to more taxable income etc.

  9. But it's not even sustainable for the corporations to have a country of customers who cant afford their services or products so why aren't they even trying?. Because they know that the country is on the verge of a revolt, with a majority that wants a livable wage, healthcare, money out of politics etc they are in damage control.. squeezing as much money as they can for now because they know revolt or economic collapse is already inevitable.

  10. Why is it when minorities are mentioned about making better wages, whites demean them & say they aren't worth a higher salary. What are whites saying, that other races aren't capable of a decent salary. Minorities aren't worth higher pay wages, for some reason, that is why I can't stand conservicunts they only think of themselves and there immediate family. Other people don't count, that's the US is so backwards and fucked up. Other countries are laughing at us, because we are so closed mined and selfish to help others. The US is so ungrateful and standoffish to the rest of the world, and that is so sad, it makes me want to puke.

  11. if ur making minimum wage u shouldn't be able to afford a car. go to school and get a real career. this is the fukin land of opportunity not the land where dreams come true. thats Disney land

  12. My uncle owns his own successful business, and is now making it a habit to hire more minorities and fire extreme Trump supporters. I tried telling him that he should not do that, but he says all he is doing is balancing the scales. I wonder how many people Trump and his administration are negatively effecting because of their actions. Poor Trump supporters really get it twice as bad I bet.

  13. Damn TYT, why do you want to increase the minimum wage you do realize that increasing it will mean business will hire less people, since they do not want to pay extra wage for their workers and firing them is the only way to receive profit. Yeah true it is hard to "chose", but it will be even harder to chose if your are fired. TYT knows nothing about economics even the basics, but their members still watch them and call you racist for sharing your opinion on their channel, they don't even counter-argue they go after you personally.


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