‘League of Legends’ breaks out a black hole for its latest game mode


League of Legends teased a brand new game mode today and it centers around an amazing new addition to the game: a deadly black hole.

The 30-second teaser shows so much in so little time. The yet-to-be-named mode appears to take place on a very small map with a black hole glowing menacingly at its center. The clips show a 3v3 skirmish with champions meeting their demise once they get too close to the black hole.

Like a real-life black hole, this one has a gravitational pull that sucks you toward it. You’ll definitely have to stay on your toes for this one.

All six people in the teaser are playing as Dark Star Thresh, whose hook ability pulls him close to enemies (or gets him away from the black hole) and whose knockback ability pushes enemies away (and ideally into the black hole’s gravitational grasp).

The map itself appears to be ripped right out of Summoner’s Rift. It is a chunk of a base, including the spawn area and the Nexus — except there’s a black hole where the Nexus should be.

Along with the new mode, the teaser gives us a glimpse at two new champion skins. 

Dark Star Orianna:

Alex Poucher

A very and spacey Dark Star Orianna.

Dark Star Kha’zix:

Alex Poucher

Dark Star Kha’zix looks like a ‘Star Fox 64’ villain.

Riot Games has not released any more information about the game mode or champions.

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