LEAKED: Another Retailer Dropping Ivanka?


Nordstom’s said they dropped Ivanka’s brand because of lagging sales but that’s not true for all retailers. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, tells you the reason one online store stopped selling Ivanka’s merchandise. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. VOTE HERE: https://tytnetwork.com/overstock/

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. No the reason is because people are wandering in to retail stores with small ink bottles and they go to the ivanka racks and stealthily squirt ink on the articles. It's a total epidemic, in some stores half the articles have been ruined by these people. Retailers have to eat a percentage on the damage caused when they have to send the articles of clothing back. And now there are also characters who smear the articles in feces or ejaculate. In all cases the clothes become unsalable. It's a total disaster. Retailers are qualifying it as a consumer insurrection.

    I can easily see this trend spread to all trump products, like his hotel rooms. People cause some kind of subtle damage or sabotage, like "taping a fish under a desk" so a day later the hotel rooms starts to subtly reek. Or icecubes with a flammable core on the inside. It would be a dangerous trend and I can easily see this trend escalate to worse and worse. At the end of it all, a few months down the road, I can see the first assassination attempts against the people in trump's regime, and eventually trump himself. It could get ugly folks, let me tell you that.

  2. By convention and tradition, the president, and his family are not supposed to have business interests, (That can be influenced, or profit by information or decisions handled by the presidency) All such businesses are to be placed in BLIND TRUSTS, which can be recovered after the presidency is over. Here she is directly benefiting, she was also going to be present for private classified meetings, where in she could benefit by classified or anticipated presidential decisions and leak, or have the family business react adaptively to maximize profits based on inside information, or influence presidential decisions to benefit the family businesses. It's way beyond nepotism, it's all the way towards direct collusion. I'm not saying it's happening, but it could, with no way for us to know or prove or disprove. This is where appearances are more damaging to presidential reputation, than fact. As Trump would say "a very BAD situation" What's he going to do to dispel these possibilities? or does he even have the integrity to be concerned?……………………………………………. By the way, it sure is a shame about all the sexual innuendo that folks seem to love  to trash on the internet. ………………. It's also a shame that many folks seem to processes information on the basis of opinions rather than facts, ……………. and on an emotional basis rather than an analytical basis………………….. It's so much a shame that folks are not capable  of an intellectual perspective…..  apparently many are only capable of groveling in the gutter,  and many others wanting to keep them there groveling.

  3. She's currently now number one seller on Amazon and Ebay, I'm sure she loves the free advertising and no middle man. WTG please keep making every video every day about them, make sure to hate as much as possible in every comment and video, because it not only wins elections but drives people to buy things, most people lurk and just read comments, remember there literally is no such thing as bad press. Love liberals hate <3

  4. The popular opinion is that Ivanka has a lot of influence on her father. I used to think she held a higher moral ground because she does seem grounded, mature and empathetic. And yet she's done nothing to help her father make better choices in his new position. If she is content to just sit back and watch him fail then she clearly takes more after him than expected. I say drop her line.

  5. Definitely pull his products, and pull hers as well. There should be absolutely no tolerance for racism; derogatory and racist remarks directed toward a class of people anywhere in this country. To support anyone from that family or people who think as they do would be to uphold and perpetuate their hateful political and social views. In addition, she is a part of a privileged class both socially and economically…Will the pulling of these endorsements hurt her financially?…NOT….But it's the first step to protesting against hate in this country. In addition, her father is an imbecile who has reinforced negative beliefs and has made generalizations about Mexicans and Muslims. He is now responsible for parents being ripped from their children and deported back to their countries….So why should his children not be punished?…Because he is trash with money…Simply unjust!!!

  6. Belk southern clothing stores have dropped her line from the smaller stores and online store. We were told the flagship stores would keep her for now. The company doesn't want to get involved in the political aspect of the drama.

  7. It is indeed not an easy call to make, I think Ivanka should really make a decision where she wants to go. if she wants to accompany her dad as a political figure and wants to be part of his political team then I don't think it is appropriate for her to have a side-business going on, just as her father should not have some side-business anymore. If child–king Joffreys children want to take care of his business then I don't ever want their face to be seen along with him in any political context. You should not and can not mix business interests with politics. So if she totally withdraws from any political involvement then let her have her business, of course without any lizard ladies in washington making free commercial for her too. If she wants to be politically involved in any way, and be it bring her dad some coffee during briefings, then she should set her business interests in fashion aside until the whole family is not involved in politics anymore, which should be anytime soon anyway 🙂 As a business I would set sales of her clothing line on hold until she has made a decision what she wants to be, a politician or a business owner, and make exactly that publicly known, it's not sales, it's about mixing politics with business. If it is indeed dropping sales numbers then a company has to do what a company does, get rid of what is losing them money.

  8. As Cenk says often business are machines whose only job is to get money. in that regard they should have both up. Why would a business want to exclude half their customers. It is similar to the Dr. Pepper 10 "not for women campaign."

  9. Something tells me Ivanka is never going to be poor. this little setback is all the fault of those lazy little 8 year old bastards in the Malaysian sweatshops who have the GALL to expect $0.40 after only 16 hours a day!

  10. If the Pinocchio President won't separate his business affairs from the Office of State, let the people do it by not stocking and not buying any of his products.  It is regrettable that his daughter gets caught up in this, but since friends tell me her goods are poor quality and she is profiting from her name, she should also be stopped from benefiting financially from her father's position.  If that means she becomes collateral damage, so be it.

  11. Now this I am honestly surprised by. I did the vote and was in the 18% saying keep Trump's products off while keeping Ivanka's on. I know we hate Trump, but it is unfair to punish someone for the actions of others. Some times TYT and its followers [and yes I am a TYT follower] seem a like misguided, who could possibly think to punish someone else for the actions of a family member, it is the same concept used in North Korea where you can inherit punishment if your parents do something wrong.

  12. lol, the only reason they are dropping her clothing line is because they saw how Nordstroms stock went up after THEY dropped her clothing line from their store, and these other stores want to cash in as well 🙂

  13. TYT are apologists. The same thing if a person doesn't agree with gay marriage, because it's a political issue, and stops selling married Gays' merchandise or asks homophobic staff if they agree with the them. BTW What's "Mexican race"? Is it like a "Muslim ban" nonsense?

  14. Here is what makes common sense to me. We are a country of immigrants that all came here from somewhere else to enjoy certain freedoms. EVERYONE in this country had ancestors that came here from somewhere else. I think Donny forgot that his ancestors came here from somewhere else just like everyone else in this country. My great grandparents came here on a boat from Italy many years ago. So for anyone that lives here and enjoys the freedoms to deny other immigrants the possibility of a life with those same freedoms is not what our country was founded on. Racism in ANY form against ANY other race should be looks upon as unamerican and goes against what this country was founded on. So anyone that encourages racism in any form (like Mr. Trump and his children) should be shunned. Since racism goes against what this nation was founded on, we should be deporting anyone that wishes to practice racism or does not agree with our American ways. Our country is called a melting pot for a reason. Each and every culture and religion that lives within our borders has made us the country that we are and should be respected. What would we be without all of the wonderful food, music, and arts of other cultures that came here? We would be no better than North Korea. Mr. Trump said what he said because he believes what he says and so long as his children back him and don't publicly denounce his beliefs then I think that their businesses should suffer the same fate as Donald's. They need to be BANNED from the selves so that he and his children understand that Americans will not accept his racist beliefs. It looks like Americans are already sending a message by not buying their products so why shouldn't their items suffer the same fate as those that don't sell? As a true American, I refuse to encourage and back racism, in any form, no matter who spouts it. I can only hope that anyone that lives here and enjoys our freedoms feel the same way and follow this trend. We need to send a STRONG message to Mr. Trump, his family and those like minded people that we will not accept racism in America.✌️

  15. you liberals are no better than Nazis. Nazis think they are the best race and you liberals think that your way is only way. I wonder if 'white supremacists' had done same type of things to oppose Obama,what you would have had said then.

  16. Why is this difficult? Trump is an embarrassment, pull everything. Ivanka and her husband have played pivotal roles in Trumps administration and his election. Ivanka unveiled an anti-lgbtq paid maternity leave policy, she is no better and is window dressing. Pull it all, it is a no-brainer.

  17. thank you TYT! i have no idea what i would of done with out this vital news!! this is hot breaking news here. cant wait for what's next. let me guess "EXCLUSIVE! Baron Trump dislikes broccoli!!"


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