Legitimacy of Turkey’s referendum ‘very much in doubt’ – journalist


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appears to have scored a major political victory after successfully pushing to expand the powers of Turkey’s presidency. The referendum alters Turkey’s constitution to transfer numerous powers from their parliament to the president. Opposition leaders and outside observers have voiced worry over the future of Turkey and maintain that Erdogan’s campaign ahead of the referendum was conducted undemocratically. Ilhan Tanir, managing editor of Washington Hatti, joins RT America’s Anya Parampil to offer his analysis of the referendum and troubling developments in Turkey’s fragile democracy.

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  1. when a controversial claim is made by the west i know its a lie fuck you all this is wat you all managed to obtain by meddling in other country's politics and culture i hope he fucks he west very hard and painfull bunch of western faggots and tranny politicians

  2. G'day,

    Erdogan both provoked, and encouraged, the Coup so as to be able to crush it ruthlessly and forevermore have a Strawman to repress, in order to excuse his declaration of a State if Emergency, to enable the Purge which has placed him in a position to almost win this Referendum on him naming himself Dictator ; now we get to see if he commands sufficent Social Obedience & Patriotic Momentum to be able to make his grab for power stick – despite his clumsy interferance in the Elections, in the face of the fact that he lost the Vote in all the Cities.

    If this sticks, with the Turkish Intellectuals, the Judiciary, the Academics & the Teachers already purged & disempowered, unemployed or imprisoned…; then Turkey is just(ifiably ?) about perfectly set up to become the US-Funded & Nuclear-Armed, Boko-Haram Faction of N.A.T.O.

    From this distance, it's fuckin' hilarious !


    Ciao !

  3. when the west call you a dictatorship, it is usually a good thing. Club members:Putin , Xi, Assad, Gaddaffi…etc. All good people. To have real membership, you have to rid of your western bank tho.


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