Mark Zuckerberg Sued Native Hawaiians For Their Own Land


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg used a complicated legal framework in Hawaii called “quiet title” to sue ancestral land owners and force them to sell their lands.

Click to view the original video via the AJ+ YouTUBE.


  1. no offense, I do like Hawaiians they're great people and they don't complain, but if the united states had never over thrown Hawaii the island would be a third world country exactly like the Philippines.

  2. Wait so they were all for selling the land until they found out who was buying it? That's a little ridiculous itself. Capitalism isn't the problem, it's the legal loopholes that are the problems. The argument that people need to leave Hawaii is the same argument mainland Americans use to make Mexicans to leave.

  3. Zuckerberg is the poster child for Capitalist greed, worse than that, he's an NSA nark, and doesn't give a shit who he shafts out of their homes.
    Get rid of the dirty immigrant, and give him hell Hawaii.

  4. This is messed up. I guess Hawaiians are a peaceful people. They might want to take notes from the people on Sentinel Island.

    I wouldn't care if Mark from the Bible came down and tried to pull this BS on my family's land. I'd toss that rock wall, the trespassing sign and that fence. He ain't coming up in my house telling me it's his. Either both of us will be civil or neither of us will be civil. I'll burn the bitch down before I let a mutha fucka take my shit and wall it off.

  5. Wealthy White thieves stealing more land that doesn't belong to them, I guess being wealthy isn't enough, the wealthy must steal everything from the poor! Mark Zuckerberg is a piece of shit!

  6. 3:43 Fuck $100K dudes got $56 Billion Sell if for a couple million and be on your marry way. If you are going to get fucked at least let them wine, dine you, and use only the finest lube.


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