Meet The Undocumented Coachella Farmworkers Feeding America


Farmworkers in California’s Coachella Valley often face extreme heat and contact with dangerous pesticides. Now they’re also facing the threat of deportation.

Click to view the original video via the AJ+ YouTUBE.


  1. still waiting for the Hateful Comments , Love Your Work #NoBanNoWallNoRaids

    to Hateful Commenters ,
    What you have to Understand is that These are Human Beings , Nothing is a Monolithic Entity and that You Have to Try to Fit into their Shoes and Understand their Struggles .
    P.S. please don't reply

  2. and lets just admit that most americans dont want to work in those fields. even the few who would try it dont have the knowledge and experience to do it as fast and as well as the migrant workers.

  3. we could solve this problem if we streamlined the visa process for migrant workers. then they would be legal, we could keep a better tab on who is in the country, and avoid the retarded "ideas" that the GOP has come up with to stop illegal immigration.

  4. Any person(s) wanting to complain about illegal immigration are invited to take these immigrants' positions as they become available.

    Let's see how many of these privileged titbags actually show up for work.


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