NBC/ABC/MSNBC – Owned & Operated By US Drug Corporations


With the exception of CBS, every major media outlet in the United States shares at least one board member with at least one pharmaceutical company. To put that into perspective: These board members wake up, go to a meeting at Merck or Pfizer, then they have their driver take them over to a meeting with NBC to decide what kind of programming that network is going to air. America’s Lawyer Mike Papantonio discusses the connection between Big Pharma and Mainstream Media outlets. Subscribe to the Ring of Fire for more: https://www.youtube.com/golefttv

Click to view the video on The Young Turks YouTUBE Channel.

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In 2002 Cenk Uygur launched an online program called "The Young Turks," which he billed as the first video news show on the Internet. In December 2011 Uygur took the program, with his name added to the title to differentiate it from the online show, to television on Current TV. The nightly show features guests who offer their opinions on topics from the worlds of politics and pop culture. Although Uygur was born in Turkey, the show's title is not related to his nationality. It refers to a phrase used to describe someone who is an insurgent or radical in a political party who advocates for changes in the group.


  1. And then there's this: Check out where TYT gets it's funding… http://thedailybanter.com/2014/04/cenk-uygur-just-took-4-million-from-a-conservative-source-but-hes-still-a-better-liberal-than-you/

    From The Daily Banter (also was reported by Politico and other outlets in 2014)

    Cenk Uygur Just Took $4-Million from a Conservative Source (but He's Still a Better Liberal Than You)
    Chez PazienzaApr 16, 2014
    A group headed by former Republican presidential candidate Buddy Roemer
    just inked a deal to provide $4-million in seed money to The Young
    Turks. Roemer is anti-choice, anti-gay marriage, anti-Obamacare and
    pro-torture, but hey, at least he wants to get money out of politics,
    which is enough for Cenk to think he's a-okay.

    One of the pitfalls of running a for-profit media company that traffics
    almost entirely in one specific brand of political opinion is that your
    funding, and where it comes from, becomes especially relevant. If you
    spend all day espousing what you claim are strongly liberal views, then
    turn around and take a giant bag of money from, say, a former Republican
    candidate for president and governor of Louisiana who has worked
    against a woman's right to choose and in favor of the Defense of
    Marriage Act, people might accuse you of being a bit hypocritical.

    Just a little while ago the Young Turks Network announced that it's inked a deal to get $4-million in seed money from a group run by Buddy Roemer.
    With the funding comes an option that could double the take for TYT,
    with the whole thing being made through Roemer's private equity fund,
    Roemer, Robinson, Melville & Co. Roemer himself is a pretty staunch conservative,
    despite having been a Democrat for many years and a late-career
    decision to try running for president as a member of both the Reform and
    Americans Elect party. In addition to his retrograde views on abortion
    and gay marriage, he also supported Arizona's draconian crackdown on
    undocumented immigrants, is pro-torture, and is for the repeal of the
    ACA, saying that it amounts to government interference in healthcare. In
    other words, the guy is the furthest thing from a liberal.

  2. MIKE,
    There is a huge class action waiting for you. Johnson and Johnson knowingly put/allowed/pushed the use of TALC into many vitamins with the intent to cause cancer to keep the "health conscious people" from having too much an improved life expectancy.

  3. America's lawyer does a great job in providing damning information about the connections between our politicians, corporations and the mainstream media. However, he seems to contradict his argument at 3:23 of this message, where he excuses the corporate media as too stupid to understand what they are doing. Really? They know exactly what they are doing, as he previously stated in the first part of this message. Unfortunately, any information about corporate corruption in any form is relatively useless, unless there is a way to address it in our political system, which functions as an autocratic republic, instead of a Democracy. To learn how, visit http://TrueDemocracyNow.org

  4. Rockin' the peak-lapel double-breasted jacket like a boss!! Just need to learn how to tie a proper knot (looks very weird to have an informal knot with a very formal suit)

  5. Always follow the money, and you'll know the truth.
    All the money is funneled AGAINST our best interests. We need to stop demonizing any ideas that are labeled as being "Socialist", and stop worshiping capitalism.

  6. The Lobbyist trolls are hard at work selling the old "Qatar" & "Al Jazeera" BS. :O-
    You're beating a dead horse you morons, the public knows your strategies and take you as the paid fools you are.

  7. The 10 Steps to a TYT Analysis:
    Step 1 – Always gather news from the left MAINSTREAM media.
    Step 2 – Give that news a racist, sexist, or further leftist spin.
    Step 3 – Talk to an “echo-chamber” that reinforces their own biases.
    Step 4 – Consider no opposing opinions. Shut everyone else out.
    Step 5 – Claim credit for being “independent media” despite Steps 1 & 2.
    Step 6 – Beg for money but say you’re “too strong”.
    Step 7 – Call everyone who opposes you a Trumptard or Troll despite many people who are also Democrats and just don’t agree with TYT’s ridiculous spin.
    Step 8 – Have Ana throw a temper tantrum, Cenk yell and scream, John make some stupid comment, Wess bow his head to an Indian chief, Farron have white guilt, Hasan be a prick, Nomiki and Sam look beautiful, Brett be a jackass, Jayar make some cringeworthy comment, etc.
    Step 9 – Try to sell some STUPID PLASTIC SHIT like a ring or t-shirt (probably made in China despite them criticizing everyone else for outsourced products) and beg for money again.
    Step 10 – Repeat Step 1.

  8. The culpit is the fraudulent medical economy started and controlled by John D Rockefeller. He baught the politicians the medical schools the media and peddled his snake oil. He was a polluter of civilisation and an evil man. Nikolai tesla was an orthodox christian that could have led the world to a better place.

  9. The US desperately needs a 1 payer (government) universal health care system, along with stringent drug company regulation and pricing controls. Btw…something that few Americans know about Canada's universal health care system… In Canada all prescription drugs are free for all Canadian citizens over the age of 64. All you have to pay is the small dispensing fee at the pharmacy counter. No wonder Canada's drugs are cheaper…because the government has to cover the costs for all seniors!


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