North Korea says it’s not afraid of US military threat


“The nuclear force is the treasured sword of justice and the most reliable war deterrence to defend the socialist motherland …”

Alex Poucher

North Korea says it’s not afraid of US military threat

Pyongyang reacts with disdain after US Secretary of State Tillerson warned ‘all options are on the table’.

Click to view original posting on the Al Jazeera Facebook page.


  1. North Korea as always been all talk and no action. They can throw stuff in the air but they’re not going to do anything that would anger China. In a normal setting (What we have now is not normal) the U.S. wouldn’t want to make that area unstable either. But now we have a guy with a similar ego. So I can’t really say the same anymore.

  2. Pressure instigate intentions, and that is what US policies and policing of other sovereign countries does. I hope they understand with the level of high tech today, world war 3 will be unimaginable Destruction to humanity. Think and rethink before you do a thing.

  3. I’m torn between my disgust with North Korea’s fascism, and my loathing of US imperialism. I feel the best solution is to sit back while my enemies kill each other and hope there are pieces to pick up when they’re both dead.


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