Norway: The world’s happiest country


Happiness is increasingly considered the proper measure of social progress …”

Alex Poucher

Norway: The world’s happiest country

Scandinavian country surges from fourth place in last year’s UN assessment all the way to top spot.

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  1. Measuring happiness is a vague idea because happiness is incredibly subjective in nature.
    What is happy for one isn’t for someone which is why the metrics of human emotions is always inappropriate.

  2. western countries r happy now because of ruining others happiness by invading their countries,looting their money,colonising them for hundreds of years.i m talking abt america,england,germany,israeli,aussies.

  3. Somalia is listed Africa’s top 5. why every day we see car explosion, fighting bn armed groups and one of the failed states 25 yr of lack of strong government still we have one of the worst famine in human history?. Bcs we believe every that happened to us is will of God

  4. I’m not surprise. Most of this countries came to Africa to colonize and steal their golds and diamonds to develop their countries why won’t they be happy.They cause wars and took our forefathers as slaves.They stole soo much gold from Ghana and named them gold coast.African leaders have disappointed their citizens. So much resources but poor management and corruption and the people wallow in poverty.

  5. I wish they will be safe from terrorism forever. May God bless this sweet and happiness country in the world.
    This is first time I gote a sweet news on the Internet.
    Love you Norway bro and sis.
    Blessing from India. God bless you all.

  6. What makes you happy is what matters? A glass of beer or a cigarette can also make you happy. Similarly people who care for others never appear happy. For example a loving mom will always have more worry about kids (will they reach home safely, if they eat well , if they settle well ect) than the mom who never cared about kids. Which mom is really happy is very difficult to know from face value. From traveling to multiple countries what I have observed is God has created enough problems everywhere. So happiness measurement is just a joke. if you think you have everything then you never understood what you really miss in your life.

  7. they are so happy that everything there became so expensive that the government needs to subsidise. Once out of Norway they drink themselves a delirium. Besides lots of people there have serious depressions due the lack of sunlight during the wintertime. Sure they are not World’s happiest nation. Consider this article as HOAX.


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