Officer fires gun during scuffle with 13yo boy, enraging community


On Wednesday night, 300 enraged neighbors protested near the residence of the Los Angeles police officer who fired his gun during an altercation with local teenagers. While the LAPD temporarily suspended the officer, he was not arrested. But the youths involved were arrested in connection with the incident, enraging the community. RT America correspondent Brigida Santos joins RT America’s Ashlee Banks to bring us the details.

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  1. if the cop feared for his life he should have let the kid go then draw his gun and shout disperse at the very least. but this cop most likely suffers from a power trip and poor de-escalation training along with a hint of racism.. leta face it guys if "Kimberley" walked on his "property" he wouldn bat an eye gtfo racist power trip soft af cop

  2. stupid Pig he was just practicing exactly as he was taught in the pig Academy. anything that he says I don't believe a word I believe the boys I don't even believe in any of the judicial system they have everyone's back and I'm pretty sure that officer just wanted a paid time off so he found the perfect excuse to get it because that's what they do in the judicial system when an officer needs to be disciplined he just gets a paid vacation I don't believe in this u.s. judicial system they are so childish when it comes to enforcing the law other countries around the world are more reasonable.

  3. Try to shoot your gun when cops walk into your property without a warrant and see what happens, they would send a SWAT team and take out the whole neighbourhood if necessary just to kill you!

  4. fucking stupid LAPD department. the officer is obviously a pedophile for trying to hit on a 13 yr old girl… that fucking cop got away with firing his gun at little kids. i would probably do the same, but if i was to do it, i dont think i would get away with it. also have to rememeber that police officers have low iqs

  5. The cop likely diffused a violent fight which may have led to these "kids" getting shot. This RT story is misleading.

    This was about to devolve into a group of immigrant kids attacking a cop who had placed this kid under arrest. By discharging his weapon and frightening them off, he likely prevented the situation from escalating into a gang fight to maintain control of his weapon which likely would have involved someone getting shot.

    You can call them "kids" if you want, but they have the bodies of adults and the minds of children. This was a dangerous situation and is yet another reason we need the wall, serious controls on immigration, and mass deportations.

  6. He was attacked and surrounded by numerous others. He was right to fire a warning shot. You can see the other males circle around and start moving in just before he pulls his gun.

  7. Mob threatening….better be glad no one was actually shot. Large mob, obviously you will (naturally) feel your life is in danger. So very easy to put yourself in the officers shoes, unless you are a social justice warrior. To them, mob activity is ALWAYS justifiable.

  8. Hey guys, just an off duty officer who coincidentally has his gun on him while in the comfort of my own home. But don't worry, even though I completely baited these children into "putting my life in danger" Im just glad I can set this up to make it look like they were in the wrong.
    Maturity and logical decision making go out the window when I know I can use the law to justify shooting children lol, because remember guys, all kids have guns in their backpacks on the way home from school, if you purposely make them angry enough to use BLATANT HYPERBOLE take those threats seriously if you are a fucking idiot.

  9. I support the officer on this one. Uttering death threats is a crime, and then resisting arrest, and then assault. If they didn't stop when he let off the shot he could have lawfully shot anyone that touched him. The parents are obviously losers and the neighborhood must be full of disrespectful idiots.


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