Orlando’s Night Of Death


Here’s what happened on the night of June 12 in Orlando after a gunman opened fire at a gay nightclub, killing at least 49 people. Subscribe for more videos: …

Click to view the original video via the AJ+ YouTUBE.


  1. two gay guys dancing and having the best moments of their lives then reach to kiss then suddenly get shot by a religious guy suffering a mental illness

  2. This is all the fault of guns. Because without guns, terrorists wouldn't kill people. Terrorists only use guns. They never use bombs or landmines or airplanes or trains or cars or poison or anything else. Just guns… And it sure was a good thing that guns were not allowed in this night club. It really kept everyone safe to not allow anyone to have guns in there…

  3. ok I live near that area and I will say this now.. gun laws will not change a dam thing. guns don't kill people, people kill people. 50 some people died in that club and 50 some more injured… yeah he got the guns legally, so what? that doesn't change the fact he kill people, I bet he would have done this with or without legal firearms.. don't Blame a object for what a person did.

  4. Gunman???? Gunman??? That's all you got out of it AJ+? You got to be fucking kidding. How about it was a religious Muslim fucktard? If it was a Christian fucktard you would have mentioned that with no problem. If it was just some privileged white male, again you would have noted it. So what's the fucking issue here AJ+ in reporting what happened and who the fucking idiot was? Gunman my ass, fuck off AJ+!!!!!

  5. This guy drove three hours just to get to us. His motive must've been something much bigger than just killing gays in my opinion. There are plenty of gay clubs/bars in his hometown (Port St. Lucie) why did he choose to drive three hours just to get to Orlando, just to get to this specific place…

  6. omg this is so scary. just so scary. i dont know. and the thing is that i am a muslim. and i see that many people are gonna blame this onto islam.
    but the thing is i totaly admit that this guy had no right to do this. because he is living in a place where this is legal. so u have no right to stop anything legal.


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